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Tiger gymnasts drop close match to Bulldogs, JV breaks school record for 2nd time

The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta gymnastics team hosted Paynesville/Eden Valley-Watkins in West  Central Conference action Tuesday, Jan. 15. 

The varsity Tigers lost a close match to the Bulldogs 117.9-115.35.

This was the Tigers' third  conference meet of the season.

"We have had a very busy week," explained coach Trent Oberg. "Four meets within seven days is a lot in gymnastics.  I  don't think that we have ever had to do that.  We had to reschedule a meet and  added another one. 

"Even with the tight schedule the Tigers continued to improve  meet to meet.  We saw a lot of good performances at both the junior varsity  level and the varsity level. There were many personal-best scores recorded and  season-high event scores, as well as season-high team scores. 

"We are very  proud of what the girls have accomplished this past week and they should be  proud as well.

"Going into the meet, we were in for a battle.  (Paynesville/Eden Valley-Watkins) is a team that we are close to in  scores.  With our previous meet results, the girls knew that it would be a tight contest and were ready to give it their all.

"With shortages of judges in the entire state, we often see the same ones at our meets.   There are positives and negatives about that.  Over the years, these judges  are some of the toughest that we see.  They are very particular and don't leave  much 'wiggle' room.  With tournaments right around the corner, it helps us to  clean up and fine tune the routines. We're looking for every tenth that we can squeeze  out of each gymnast and their respective routine.

"During our pre-meet warm-ups I had a mixed feeling.  We were loose and tired.  I hoped  that we were getting all of our jitters out then and that competition would be better.  As the meet began, the Tigers settled down.  We had some nice  performances and excited gymnasts.  Routines are really taking shape and the  gymnasts are more consistent.

"There were some falls and breaks in our routines that we normally do not see.  As a coach, it is hard to watch your gymnast miss something and see their 'pained' or  frustrated expression almost saying 'what was that' or 'where did that come  from'.  We were tired, but the girls pushed through.

"Kindra Cannon stuck her balance beam routine for the third meet in a row and number four for the season." 

Savannah Aanerud also performed a stuck balance beam routine.

"Eighth grader Noel Schieler has been improving her bar routine these last few meets.   She has been working hard to fix her form and add some new tricks.  It is as if she  opened a new door and everything is coming together.  She had a great  performance and set a new personal-best score of 5.8.  She was very proud and  happy as could be seen from the huge smile on her face."

The Junior Varsity set a new school record team score of 98.3 - raising it by 5.55  points from the previous meet and broken school record. 

"We are looking for the  100-point mark before the season is done.

"Our goal at varsity is to break the 120-point mark.  We are on the right course to meet and even exceed that.  The scores are exciting to see and motivating the girls."


Paynesville/EV-W 117.9

Morris/C-A 115.35

In varsity competition, two new personal-best scores were recorded, along with two season-high event scores.

Hailey Kotts placed second on vault.

Kourtney Giese tied for third place on vault, took second place on bars, placed fourth on floor, and finished second in all-around.

Paige Schieler placed third on bars and second on floor.

Kendra Buro took fourth place on bars.

Savannah Aanerud tied for fourth place on beam and finished fifth in all-around.

Abby Travis took fifth place on vault.

Junior Varsity

Morris/C-A 98.3

Paynesville/EV-W 86.85

In junior varsity competition five new personal-best scores were set, three season-high event totals were recorded, and the Tigers set a new season-high and new school record team score.

"Eighth grader Kendra Jergenson had a good night.  She is a hard worker with a great  attitude - always willing to try new things and making adjustments.  She will be challenging some of the older gymnasts for more varsity action." 

Jergenson tied for first  place on vault, received third place on bars, and earned first place on floor.

Carly Maanum tied for first place on vault and received fourth place on bars.

Noel Schieler took first place on bars.

Abby Travis placed first on beam.

Kindra Cannon took second place on bars and fifth place on beam.

Diana Nelson tied for third place on vault.

Kendra Buro tied for third place on vault and took second place on floor.

Karli Siegel took fourth place on floor,

MicKenley Nagel took fifth place on floor.