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Hancock volleyball team defeats Clinton Graceville Bearsley

Dig Pink night/ Senior night was a busy night at the Hancock School as the Lady Owls took on the CGB wolverines on Tuesday October 9th. Dig Pink night was in honor of breast cancer awareness month where the lady Owls as well as many others supported the color pink. "This was a frustrating game," said coach Thielke, "these girls are way better than how they have been playing." The Lady owls played better as the night went on. They were very scrappy with a total of 37 digs, in honor of their "Dig" Pink night. The Owls might not have started out strong but they sure did finish strong. Coach Thielke said, "We had a tough start in the second game but the lady Owls fought back, it was so good to see the scrappiness and spunkiness in the girls." Now with the CGB game all said and done. The Lady Owls have one season game left against Brandon Evansville next tuesday the 16th, which will also be Parents Night.


Bigalke 2/6

Greiner 12/35

Algarate 9/35

Schmidgall 3/9

Steiner 3/10

Nienhaus 1/8

Set assis

Bigalke 19/66

Schmidgall 3/17


Greiner 0/2


Greiner 2 solo

Steiner 5 solo and 2 asissted

Nienhaus 2 solo

Algarate 1 solo 1 assisted

Schmidgall 1 solo 1 assist


Bigalke 10

Greiner 11

Algarate 3

Schmidgall 2

Nienhaus 1

Steege 6

Nohl 4

37 digs total for DIG PINK night


Bigalke 10/10

Greiner 4/7

Algarate 19/21 3 aces

Schmidgall 6/7 1 ace

Steiner 10/10

Steege 17/17 2 aces

Nohl 2/3