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Dawson-Boyd defeats Hancock in three matches

Scores by match: 18-25, 15-25, and 23-25

The Owls came out strong once again against the Dawson-Boyd Blackjacks.

"The Owls played very well," said Coach Tara Thielke, "they just could not pull out a win. They showed a lot of hustle and desire for the game. I was very proud of them for not giving up."

The Blackjacks had many fast attacks, which the Owls were just not quite ready for. As the game went on, Hancock got used to the attacks and had some really nice digs. It was a good game over all on both ends, but the Owls could not pull off a win.


Serandon Bigalke 0/1

Courtney Greiner 9/21

Karol Algarate 6/24

Sami Schmidgall 5/8

Leah Steiner 4/21

Gabi Nienhaus 1/7

Set assists

Bigalke 16/63

Schmidgall 3/10

Greiner 0/1



Algarate 1

Greiner 1

Steiner 1 assisted 4 solo


Bigalke 7 digs

Greiner 11 digs

Algarate 2

Schmidgall 5

Nienhaus 1

Lexi Nohl 2

Lexi Steege 12


Bigalke 17/17 1 ace

Greiner 6/7

Algarae 8/9

Schmidgall 8/9 1 ace

Nienhaus 9/10 2 ace

Steege 5/5