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Owl volleyball team hosts E.C.H.O and travels to Ortonville

Hancock defeated E.C.H.O. Charter school in three games on Sept. 13. The match scores were: 25-5, 25-7 and 25-8


Serandon Bigalke 1/1

Courtney Greiner 10/12

Sami Schmidgall 2/2

Karol Algarate 7/12

Leah Steiner 4/6

Gabbi Nienhaus 1/2


Bigalke 10/ 18

Schmidgall 6/12

Camie Feuchtenberger 2/2


Bigalke 3

Greiner 1

Schmidgall 1

Lexi Steege 4


Bigalke 12/13 5 aces

Greiner 4/6 4aces

Schmidgall 17/17 8 aces

Algarate 10/11 3 aces

Steege 11/11 5 aces

Steiner 14/15 6 aces

Ortonville game

Tuesday night, the Hancock Owl volleyball team traveled to Ortonville to play their first conference game. The Owls came out ready to play for the first 10 points of the game but could not keep up the intensity for the rest of that game. Hancock ended up losing the first set.

"In the huddle, I told the girls, to shake that game off, and let's pretend this is the first game and start over fresh," said Coach Tara Thielke. "The girls finished the game strong, winning the next three sets. They had their ups and downs, but they are getting a lot better at shaking off the bad and moving on to the next pass, set, hit, or dig.

"Volleyball is such a mental game and it can be a rollercoaster of emotions. We need to learn how to control those emotions. Otherwise those emotions will get the best of us, and we will dig ourselves into a hole we cannot get out of."

Hancock vs Ortonville match scores: 23-25, 25-17, 25-21 and 25-23


Karol Algarate 10/24

Serandon Bigalke 2/3

Courtney Greiner 14 /34

Sami Schmidgall 2/10

Leah Steiner 3/13

Gabbi Nienhaus 1/6


Bigalke 21/73

Schmidgall 3/9


Algarate 3

Greiner 2

Steiner 8

Nienhaus 3


Bigalke 3

Algarate 6

Greiner 8

Schmidgall 2

Steiner 1

Lexi Steege 5

Lexi Nohl 3

Nienhaus 1


Bigalke 30/31 4 aces

Algarate 12/13 1 ace

Greiner 8/8

Schmidgall 10/11 1 ace

Steege18/19 2 aces

Nienhaus 8/10 1 ace