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Hancock loses to Parkers Prairie: defeats CTF

Hancock lost to Parkers Prairie in three matches by scores of 25-13, 25-19, and 25-19.

"This game was a better game than Tuesday night" said Coach Tara Thielke. "The Owls started out strong in the first game against Parkers Prairie, but they slowly fell into a funk and they dug themselves into a hole. The Owls would put up a good fight and would get within a point or so but they could not take the lead after the first game.

"Hancock played very well, but had a few too many mistakes. Again they beat themselves, and the game was hard to watch because I know how good these girls are and not playing to their full potential can be frustrating for me and for them.

"The Owls are so competitive that they will play hard no matter what the score is. These girls do not give up. These girls are willing to put in the time and the work, and I would not change them for any other team. They really work hard, and anyone who comes to watch the games can see that."


Serandon Bigalke 2

Courtney Greiner 6

Karol Algarate 6

Leah Steiner 2

Sami Schmidgall 3

Gabbi Nienhaus 1

Set assists

Bigalke 12, Steiner 1


Steiner 3 solo 2 assist

Greiner 2 solo

Schmidgall 3 solo 1 assist

Nienhaus 1 solo


Steiner 1

Bigalke 2

Lexi Steege 7

Greiner 6

Algarate 3

Lexi Nohl 1

Nienhaus 1

Serve  aces

Greiner 1, Steege 3

Hancock vs CTF

Hancock wins in four vs CTF - 21-25, 25-13. 25-18, 25-22

"The first game started out pretty rocky," stated Coach Tara Thielke. "The Owl volleyball team was not mentally focused but they kept fighting back each time the Rebels went on a run.  After the first match, I told the Owls to forget about the last match and lets start fresh. Wipe the slate clean and lets go get them. They did just that. They went after the Rebels fighting hard, scrambling for every loose ball and making good smart plays. Although it was not the best looking game we have played, they got the job done, and it was good to see the girls having fun on the court again."


Serandon Bigalke 3/4

Courtney Greiner 18/26

Sami Schmidgall 4/7

Karol Algarate 6/17

Leah Steiner 3/6

Gabbi Nienhaus 4/8


Greiner 5

Schmidgall 2

Steiner 4

Nienhaus 3

Set assists 

Bigalke 25/51

Greiner 0/1

Schmidgall 5/14

Algarate 0/1


Bigalke 5. Greiner 9

Schmidgall 5, Algarate 9

Steiner 2. Nienhaus 1

Steege 13, Nohl 1


Bigalke 12/13

Greiner6/8 1 ace

Schmidgall 23/24 1 ace

algarate 13/18 1 ace

Steiner 16/18 2 aces

Steege 9/11 5 aces