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Hancock volleyball team loses in three matches to Henning

"The game vs Henning was not a pretty game to watch," said Coach Tara Thielke. "The Owls fought hard but did not come out on top. Henning is a good team, but they were beatable. The Owls did not come prepared to play, instead of beating the other team, they beat themselves. They hit balls out, and into the net, they did not talk and made mistakes that should have never happened at all. The game with Henning  was a learning experience.

"We know what we need to continue to work on in practices. We will work that much harder to get to the place I want the girls to be. The Owls have so much potential and many great players, we just need to come together and be a team every day, on and off the court. The biggest challenge to conquer is ourselves, and if we already beat ourselves up about every minor mistake, we would not get anywhere."

"As  coach, I try to be a positive role model for the girls. Try to encourage them as much as possible. It is not the best feeling when you make a mistake, but mistakes happen, and everyone makes them. It's how a person or, in this case a team, handles them, and how they learn from them.

 "We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.  One loss will not hurt us, but if we continue to beat our selves.. that will."


Henning 25-13


Courtney Greiner 5

Gabbi Nienhaus 1

Karol Algarate 1


Serandon Bigalke 6

Sami Schmidgall 1


Greiner 3

Bigalke 3

Lexi Steege 3

Schmidgall 2

Algarate 1


Leah Steiner Solo 3, assist 2

Greiner 1solo assist 2

Nienhaus 1 assist 

Schmidgall 1 solo, 2 assist


Steiner 5/5

Steege 1/1

Algarate 2/2

Bigalke 2/2

Greiner 1/1

Schmidgall 5/5

Game 2

Henning 25-11


Greiner 4


Bigalke 1

Schmidgall 1

Steiner 1

Set Assists

Bigalke 7


Greiner 2

Steege 4

Schmidgall 1

Algarate 3

Lexi Nohl 1


Steiner 2 solo 

Nienhaus 1 solo 1 assist

Greiner 1 assist


Steiner 2/2

Steeege 1/1

Algarate 1/2

Bigalke 2/2

Greiner 1/2

Schmidgall 2/2

Game 3

Henning 25-19


Greiner 4

Nienhaus 1

Bigalke 1

Schmidgall 1

Algarate 4

Assist set

Bigalke 9


Greiner 2

Bigalke 4

Steege 6

Schmidgall 1

Steiner 2

Algarate 2


Steiner 1 solo 1 assist

Greiner 1 solo 1 assist


Steinerr 3/3 1 ace

Steege 1/2

Algarate 1/1

Bigalke 4/4

Greiner 3/3, 1 ace

Schmidgall 2/2

Kamie Feuchtenberger 1/1