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Tiger track & field season off and running

The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta track and field season got off to a great start with the Tigers' performance at the Whetstone Invitational in Milbank, S.D. Tuesday.

Dale Henrich said the event gave him and fellow coaches, Mark Ekren, Tim Cannon, Vicki Cannon, and Joey Fragodt, a chance to assess the team.

"Now we know where our weaknesses and where our strengths are," he said.

Since no boys placed in the sprints, that will be an area for improvement.

"The mid-distance and long-distance runners look pretty good," added Henrich.

He expects the discus and shot put throwers to contribute in a big way to the team's point totals.

"Their potential to get better is good."

Henrich said there is some friendly competition in the boys' high jump.

In Henrich's opinion, other areas of strength for the Tigers will be in the relays and hurdles.

"I'm excited to see the track season get started," Henrich said.

Although the Tigers lost several members of last season's team to graduation, Henrich is confident the team will adjust.

"You don't replace those people, you have to get better in other events."

Girls' results

In Milbank, first-time runner Katie Holzheimer placed first in the 200-meter dash and third in the 100-meter.

Another first-year runner, Beth Holland, placed fourth in the 200-meter.

Kourtney Giese took first in the 400-meter dash.

MacKenzie Smith took second in the 3200-meter, while Rachel Rausch finished fifth.

Anika Mundal finished sixth in the 100-meter hurdles, while Rebekah Aanerud took second and Julia Sauder placed fifth in the 300-meter hurdles.

The Tiger girls had two first-place finishes in the relays, along with one second-place and one third-place.

The 4X100 relay of Holland, Adrianela Mendez, Hunter Mundal, and Holzheimer placed first, as did the 4X200 relay of Holland, Mendez, Courtney Gades, and Sydney Engebretson.

The 4X400 relay of Sauder, Gades, Giese, and Engebretson placed third.

The 4X800 of Giese, Sauder, Rausch, and Smith took second.

Engebretson placed sixth in the high jump and Holzheimer took fourth in the long jump.

Boys' results

Bo Olson, in his first track meet, placed third in the 800-meter run.

Jordan Thooft finished fifth in the 1600-meter and Aaron Goulet placed fourth in the 3200-meter run.

In the 110-meter hurdles, Marcus Cannon finished second and Aaron Nelson took fourth.

In the 300-meter hurdles, Nelson was fourth and Cannon was sixth.

The 4X200 meter relay team of Nelson, Michael Michaelson, Riley Arndt, and Brian Miller placed fifth.

The 4X400 relay of Cannon, Arndt, Austin Dierks, and Connor Metzger finished fifth.

The 4X800 team of Goulet, Beau Keimig, Thooft, and Ryan Gray finished third.

Arndt and Dierks were in a five-way tie for second in the high jump, while Michaelson tied for seventh.

Nic Vipond placed fourth in the triple jump.

Arndt was sixth in the shot put and Wade Ehlers was fifth in the discus throw.



Boys' results

Hurdles - 110: (2) Marcus Cannon 16.85, (4) Aaron Nelson 17.53, (10) Austin Dierks 21.60; 300: (4) Nelson 44.23, (6) Cannon 46.85

Sprints - 100: (18) Brian Miller 12.52; 200: (16) Wade Ehlers 27.18; (17) Tanner Larson 27.44; (19) Dillon Morehouse 28.57; 400: (8) Connor Metzger 1:07.31

Runs - 800: (3) Bo Olson 2:17.47; 1600: (5) Jordan Thooft 5:25.23; (9) Ryan Gray 5:35.66; (11) Matt Ohren 5:43.86; 3200: (4) Aaron Goulet 11:04.97; (11) Dillon McNally 13:12.23

Relays - 4 x 100: (7) Brian Miller, Jude Pelowski, Michael Michaelson, Wade Ehlers; 4 X 200: (5) Aaron Nelson, Michael Michaelson, Riley Arndt, Brian Miller 1:42.70; 4 x 400: (5) Marcus Cannon, Arndt, Austin Dierks, Connor Metzger 3:53.75; 4 x 800: (3) Aaron Goulet, Beau Keimig, Jordan Thooft, Ryan Gray 9:24.88

1600 Sprint Medley: (4) Trent Wulf, Max Jerke, Jude Pelowski, Nic Vipond 4:21.92

Weights - Shot put: (6) Riley Arndt 41-00.25; Discus: (5) Wade Ehlers 122-07.00, (7) Joel Harrison 115-11.00

Jumps - High: (2-tie) Riley Arndt 5-09.00, (2-tie) Austin Dierks 5-09.00, (7-tie) Michael Michaelson 5-03.00; Long: (8) Austin Dierks 18-04.00; Triple: (4) Nic Vipond 37-03.50, (8) Marcus Cannon 35-07.75

Girls' results

Hurdles - 100: (6) Anika Mundal 19.44; (7) Rebekah Aanerud 19.53; (9) Cassie Hickman 19.63; 300: (2) Rebekah Aanerud 52.78, (5) Julia Sauder 54.34; (10) (3) Cassie Hickman 58.10

Sprints - 100: (3) Katie Holzheimer 12.68; (28) Kjestina Bruer 15.35; (29) Liz Schneider 15.43; 200: (1) Katie Holzheimer 27.10; (4) Beth Holland 28.50; 400: (1) Kourtney Giese 1:07.52; (12) Kelly Huot 1:15.55; (20) Diana Nelson 1:18.18

Runs - 800: (17) Miranda Day 3:44.13; 1600: (8) Elizabeth Tiernan 6:44.84; (12) Haley Hennen 7:15.24; (14) Ali Morehouse 7:59.82; 3200: (2) MaKenzie Smith - 12:26.95, (5) Rachel Rausch 14:44.49

Relays - 4 x 100: (1) Holland, Adrianela Mendez, Hunter Mundal, Katie Holzheimer 54.06; 4 x 200: (1) Holland, Mendez, Courtney Gades, Sydney Engebretson 1:58.47; 4 x 400: (3) Julia Sauder, Gades, Kourtney Giese, Engebretson 4:32.76; 4X800: (2) Giese, Sauder, Rachel Rausch, MaKenzie Smith 11:00.40

1600 Sprint Medley: (7) Anika Mundal, Kelly Huot, Diana Nelson, Liz Tiernan 5:28.53

Jumps - High: Sydney Engebretson 4-05.00; Long: (4) Katie Holzheimer 14-05.00; (7) Adrianela Mendez 14-04.50