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Tiger gymnastics team has many accomplishments in 2011-12

Hailey Kotts (left) and Kourtney Giese were recognized as Performers of the Week by the West Central Conference. Both also earned All-Conference honors in gymnastics.

The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta gymnasts achieved many personal and team accomplishments in 2011-12. The entire team will return next season, not losing any gymnasts to graduation this year.

Led by junior captains Hailey Kotts and MicKenley Nagel, the Tigers began the season with 32 gymnasts.

Coaches Trent Oberg, Jodi Snell, Kacy Nehowig, and Abby MacHolda were pleasantly surprised with the numbers.

"It was more than we were planning on," said head coach Trent Oberg. "It created some challenges and space issues for practice, but we made adjustments as needed and the girls realized that equipment time was valuable and used time productively.

"We as coaches saw a lot of potential and talent from the Tiger gymnasts," Oberg added. "Many of the girls had trained over the summer or attended gymnastics camps and there was evidence of definite growth and improvement from the previous season.

"Through hard work, positive attitude, and team support there were significant improvements at both the junior varsity and varsity levels," Oberg explained. "Each individual on the team can be credited with the growth this season.

"The coaches are very proud of the accomplishments that were made at the individual and team level. The gymnasts realized early in the season that we were becoming more competitive with other programs."

The JV missed the school record by only .055.

"With the size of the team, we had great team depth. There were more routines ready than we had space for. We had to rotate gymnasts to give chances to each girl. Thus, we had inner-squad 'push' to work hard and be aggressive. No spot was a given.

"We don't take these decisions lightly. A lot of thought and process goes into it," explained Oberg. "Our decisions are based upon what is best for the team. It may not always be the highest scoring routine, but the effort, attitude, drive and determination the athlete shows are all considered.

"The number of season-high scores and personal-best scores was amazing. It was hard to even keep track of as the scores continued to improve throughout the season.

"Every gymnast can be congratulated for that - each girl was a part of the improvements.

"We as coaches were very impressed with the growth and depth of the team this season. It was hard to accept that the season was done. It went very fast and the gymnasts made a lot of improvements. Many of the gymnasts wanted to keep going and are already looking forward to next season.

"Our schools and communities should be proud of the gymnasts' accomplishments academically as well."

Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta received a Gold rating for their average GPA. In order to qualify, a team must use 60 percent of its roster to find the team's average GPA. In the Tigers' case, the team used 19 gymnasts. The average GPA of those 19 gymnasts calculated out to be 3.842.

Gymnasts set and re-set 147 personal-best scores with 19 ties.

Twenty-three season-high event totals were set and re-set with one tie.

The Tigers set and re-set their season-high team score 12 times.

Oberg expressed appreciation to all of the gymnasts, their parents, and everyone who helped make the season a fun and memorable one.

"We appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to support the Tiger gymnastics program."