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Tiger gymnasts win at Ortonville

The Tigers picked up their first victories of the season at Ortonville with a 110.98-105.75 win in varsity and a 87.85-80.15 win in junior varsity.

"Ortonville has been a good meet for us over the years," explained coach Trent Oberg. "They are in similar caliber to us; which gives us a little extra push to do our best.

The varsity teams had competed against each other twice already this season at invitationals. Both times the Tigers have had a higher score.

"I told the girls to not take the meet lightly," added Oberg. "We needed to go in and be aggressive and confident with our routines; to set their goals high and step it up."

The JV is getting closer to the team total school record which was set Jan. 16, 2009 with a 91.35.

"They have improved their scores at each meet. They have the ability to do it and I think that they are beginning to realize it.

"At the varsity level, we have been holding around the 109 mark. For some reason, we have not cracked the 110 'barrier' this season," said Oberg. "I set that as a goal for the night; once we get over that hurdle, I think the motivation and drive will grow even more. There is a lot of talent and ability to be unleashed.

"Even with the unfortunate injuries that have happened in the last few weeks, we were able to have a full roster at the varsity and junior varsity levels," added Oberg. "We are fortunate to have the numbers that allow for us to 'rotate' girls around - giving as many athletes a chance to compete as possible.

"It is a good feeling to go somewhere and hear the opposing team, coaches and/or crowd comment on how big the squad is and wondering how we can have that many gymnasts.

"There were many impressive routines and performances throughout the meet," Oberg said. "Looking at the final standings, there were several gymnasts in the top five of every event. The scores reflected the performances.

"There will be some very difficult decisions ahead for the coaching staff as we are approaching the end of the season and the bigger meets - West Central Conference Meet and the Section 6A Meet," Oberg said. "We will need to cut the squad down as the last meets are varsity only. Meet performance is part of the deciding factor as well as attitude, work ethic, and consistency.

"The Balance Beam went well for us. Shala Nyvold and Carly Maanum were solid. They both stuck their routines and set new personal-best scores in the process. Nyvold received a 7.05 in varsity action, good for second place, and Maanum received a 6.3 in junior varsity action taking first place."

Junior Varsity

"There were many smiles from the JV Tigers as routines are beginning to be more fluid and detailed," said Oberg. "We have been stressing form and the finishing of each trick - being proud; it seemed to have set in.

On balance beam there were four personal-best scores, one tie with a personal-best score, and a new season-high event total of 22.3 for an increase of nearly three points.

"It is very rewarding to watch their faces when that score is flashed and they realize that it is a new PB," said Oberg. "Whether it is an improvement of one tenth or a whole point, it is a big accomplishment.

"Savannah Aanerud had a good night. Her efforts earned her several first-place finishes - bars, floor, and in all-around.

Haley Erdahl and Kendra Jergenson tied for first place at vault. The Tigers actually took all five places on vault.

"All of the JV efforts helped the team total reach a season high of 87.85.

Personal Bests:

• Aanerud on bars with a 4.7

• Kelsey Voges on beam with a 3.2

• Caitlyn Guffey on beam with a 4.6

• Maanum on beam with a 6.3

• Jergenson tied her PB on beam with a 5.7

• Karli Siegel on beam with a 5.1 and on floor with a 4.5

• Anna Grove on floor with a 6.7

• Kirsten Scheldorf tied her PB on floor with a 3.4


"We are starting to see improvement at the bars and beam," explained Oberg. "These are our lower scoring events, so we have been trying to give them a little more attention as of late. Detail, form and connections are key.

"During practice, many of the girls are staying longer at the event because they are close to a new trick or connection - that drive will continue to be in our favor."

The team event score at bars was a new season high at 24.975 and the team event score on floor tied the Tigers' season high of 29.

"I think that our floor score will be breaking the 30-point mark soon, which would be very exciting."

Kourtney Giese took several first-place honors with her performances on vault, bars and in all-around.

"Hailey Kotts had a solid performance on floor," added Oberg. "Her efforts were rewarded with a personal-best score of 7.775 and a first-place finish. Kotts had a good night, overall she finished in the top three at all five events - that takes a lot of effort.

Again, all of the efforts of the varsity gymnasts helped to set a new season high team total of 110.975.

Personal Bests:

• Kotts on floor with a 7.775 and in all-around with a 29.35

• Paige Loew on floor with a 7.4

• Giese tied her PB on vault with an 8.65 and set a new PB on bars with a score of 7.425

• Nyvold on beam with a 7.05