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Tigers are champs at Bulldog Invite

The Morris Area/Hancock/Chokio-Alberta wrestling team captured a team title Friday by taking first place at the Paynesville Bulldog Invitational.

The Tigers had six wrestlers in the finals and captured three individual titles. Thirteen wrestlers placed out of fourteen weight classes. The final point total had the Tigers edging Holdingford 185.5-180.5. The host Paynesville was third with 177.5 points.

Tim Ostby at 152, Joel Harrison at 220, and Zach Gibson at 285 all captured individual championships.

Evan Nelson at 126, Jordan Thooft at 160, and Connor Metzger at 170 all placed second.

Others placing for the Tigers included Travis Ostby at 113 and Myles Smith at 138 placing third. Wade Ehlers at 182 placed fourth. Seth Nelson at 145 placed fifth. Mitchell Ascheman at 106, Dillan Johnson at 132, and Tyler Moser at 195 all placed sixth.

The championship round started for the Tigers at 126 pounds. Evan Nelson lost to Jacob Mages from Paynesville by fall in 3:34.

Tim Ostby then scored a takedown in overtime to beat Jordan Hemmesch of ROCORI 6-4 for the title.

Thooft lost by tech fall 17-1 to Jordan Gombos of Holdingford at 160.

Metzger lost to Patrick Rooney of Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 11-4 at 170.

Harrison hung on for a 2-1 decision over Joe Ernst of Watertown-Mayer for the 220 title.

Gibson defeated Jason Mertens 3-2 for the 285 title.

In the semi-finals Gibson beat undefeated and fourth ranked Dominick Platow of Paynesville 3-2 to get into the championship.

Paynesville Bulldogs Invitational

1. Morris Area/Hancock/Chokio-Alberta (MHC) 185.5

2. Holdingford (HOL) 180.5

3. Paynesville Area (PAY) 177.5

4. Watertown-Mayer/Mayer Lutheran (WTM) 158

5. Sartell-Saint Stephen (S-SS) 137

6. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa (BBE) 98.5


8. RORCOR (ROC) 90


106: Zach Scott (HOL) Dec. Jackson Sweeny (WTM) 7-3

113: Trevor Fagen (R/M) Maj. Dec. Adam Kunz (ROC) 15-6

120: Matt Elsenpeter (WTM) Maj. Dec. Tyler Tensen (BBE) 10-1

126: Jacob Mages (PAY) Fall Evan Nelson (MHC) 3:24

132: Trevor Scott (HOL) Dec. Cole Woehler (PAY) 5-3 OT

138: Mike Jarnot (HOL) Fall Alex Schramel (BBE) 2:21

145: Joe Reinert (WTM) Dec. Clay Spanier (PAY) 8-6

152: Tim Ostby (MHC) Dec. Jordan Hemmesch (ROC) 6-4 OT

160: Jordan Gombos (HOL) Tech. Fall Jordan Thooft (MHC) 5:20

170: Patrick Rooney (BBE) Dec. Conner Metzger (MHC) 11-4

182: Dillon Knutson (BBE) Dec. Brent Jaenisch (R/M) 6-4

195: Brady Goebel (SSS) Maj. Dec. Mitch Messman (HOL) 14-1

220: Joel Harrison (MHC) Dec. Joe Ernst (WTM) 2-1

285: Zach Gibson (MHC) Dec. Jason Mertens (R/M) 3-2

Third Place

106: Drew Bienussa (SSS) Fall Jordan Karels (PAY) :49

113: Travis Ostby (MHC) Fall Bryce Duske (WTM) 2:11

120: Adam Lane (HOL) Fall Logan Peterka (ROC) 4:37

126: Hunter Hood (WTM) Fall Jason Jarnot (HOL) 1:49

132: Aaron Sweeney (WTM) Dec. Zach Motschke (SSS) 6-0

138: Myles Smith (MHC) Maj. Dec. Garret Counter (SSS) 15-4

145: Kyle Gerads (HOL) Dec. Zach Pederson (SSS) 3-2

152: Josh Hiepler (PAY) Fall Joe Jobe (WTM) 1:12

160: Jon Dorf (PAY) Fall Seth Klein (ROC) 2:05

170: Caleb Burris (PAY) Dec. Jed Anderson (SSS) 7-4

182: Michael Ludwig (PAY) Fall Wade Ehlers (MHC) 4:39

195: Sam Kuss (ROC) Fall Derek Ludwig (PAY) 1:31

220: Mitch Merten (HOL) Dec. Tanner Harder (PAY) 7-1

285: Antone Thene (SSS) Fall Tyler Hoffman (ROC) 2:52

Fifth Place

106: Ethan Thein (R/M) Maj. Dec Mitchell Ascheman (MHC) 11-9 OT

113: Clem Gerads (HOL) Fall Jake Fernholz (SSS) 4:28

120: Damian Viessman (PAY) Fall Logan Peterka (ROC) 4:14

126: Quinton Burns (R/M) Fall Cody Buermann (ROC) 4:12

132: Austin Jaeger (BBE) Dec. Dillan Johnson (MHC) 2-1

138: Nate Hillman (R/M) Maj. Dec. Hayden Johnson (R/M) 9-1

145: Seth Nelson (MHC) Fall Mason Schmitz (R/M) 2:32

152: Matt Schmitz (BBE) Dec. Kyle Kolstad (HOL) 5-1

160: Ryan Countryman (R/M) Fall Abe Anderson (SSS) 1:11

170: Logan Cooper (WTM) Fall Nathan Brinker (HOL) 1:29

182: Kolten Ressemann (ROC) Won by Forfeit Danny Nguyen (SSS)

195: Nick Burns (WTM) Fall Tyler Moser (MHC) 1:14

220: Nick Jensen (SSS) Fall Tyler Schorn (R/M) 1:34

285: Dominick Platow (PAY) Fall Jared Steffensen (BBE) :20


106 Pounds

Zach Scott (HOL) Fall Ethan Thein (R/M) 2:20

Jackson Sweeny (WTM) Dec. Drew Bienussa (SSS) 6-3

113 Pounds

Trevor Fagen (R/M) Maj. Dec. Jake Fernholz (SSS) 13-2

Adam Kunz (ROC) Fall Travis Ostby (MHC) 3:12

120 Pounds

Matt Elsenpeter (WM) Tech. Fall Adam Lane (HOL) 6:00

Tyler Tensen (BBE) Tech. Fall John Pelach (SSS)

126 Pounds

Evan Nelson (MHC) Maj. Dec. Jason Jarnot (HOL) 12-0

Jacob Mages (PAY) Fall Hunter Hood (WTM) 1:22

132 Pounds

Trevor Scott (HOL) Dec. Zach Motschke (SSS) 11-5

Cole Woehler (PAY) Dec. Aaron Sweeney (WTM) 7-3

138 Pounds

Mike Jarnot (HOL) Fall Myles Smith (MHC) 1:09

Alex Schramel (BBE) Dec. Garrett Counter (SSS) 8-4

145 Pounds

Clay Spanier (PAY) Fall Zach Pederson (SSS) 9-7

Joe Reinert (WTM) Dec. Kyle Gerads (HOL) 5-4

152 Pounds

Tim Ostby (MHC) Fall Joe Jobe (WTM) 1:49

Jordan Hemmesch (ROC) Dec. Josh Hiepler (PAY) 2-0

160 Pounds

Jordan Gombos (HOL) Fall Seth Klein (ROC) 1:32

Jordan Thooft (MHC) Dec. Jon Dorf (PAY) 8-3

170 Pounds

Patrick Rooney (BBE) Fall Jed Anderson (SSS) 3:06

Connor Metzger (MHC) Maj. Dec. Caleb Burris (PAY) 12-2

182 Pounds

Brent Jaenisch (R/M) Fall Wade Ehlers (MHC) 2:53

Dillon Knutson (BBE) Maj. Dec. Michael Ludwig (PAY) 13-2

195 Pounds

Brady Goebel (SSS) Fall Tyler Moser (MHC) :14

Mitch Messman (HOL) Dec. Sam Kuss (ROC) 3-1

220 Pounds

Joel Harrison (MHC) Dec. Mitch Merten (HOL) 3-2

Joe Ernst (WTM) Fall Nick Jenson (SSS) 3:25

285 Pounds

Jason Mertens (R/M) Fall Antone Thene (SSS) 2:31

Zach Gibson (MHC) Dec. Dominick Platow (PAY) 3-2