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Varsity gymnasts set new season-high score

"We tried some new tricks at bars in order to increase the difficulty, which in turn increases the score of the routine," said coach Trent Oberg.

"We continue to adjust our floor routines to try and get the most out of our tricks," added Oberg. "It is not easy. I appreciate what coach Snell and coach Nehowig are doing, as well as the gymnasts themselves for working hard and trying the new combinations.

"Several of the gymnasts are working on new vaults," Oberg said. "We tried a few of them. It will be interesting to see where we are at in the next few weeks - some really cool vaults should be flying.

"The balance beam is challenging us," Oberg explained. "We need to have fewer falls and be more aggressive. Each fall costs us five tenths and bobbles can cost up to two tenths each time.

"We have our good days and we have our not so good days," concluded Oberg. "Confidence is a huge key."

Junior Varsity

"We have a wonderful problem; there are more gymnasts with completed routines than spots that are available," explained Oberg. "We are trying to rotate through the gymnasts, so that as many as possible can compete - not an easy challenge. The girls seem to understand though and that really helps.

"Floor went well for us," said Oberg. "It does not always have to be the big tricks that get the big score - jumps, leaps, and dance are just as important.

"Seventh grader Anna Grove is a beautiful dancer and she improved her score by a full point.

"Junior MicKenley Nagel has nice jumps and leaps and took second place for her effort.

Seventh grader Savannah Aanerud took first place in floor competition.

The junior varsity tied the season-high event score on bars.

"I really believe that the JV team total school record can be broken yet this season - it currently stands at 91.35," Oberg said. "We have the talent and the ability."

Personal Bests:

• Kindra Cannon on bars with a 4.25

• Grace Kruger tied her PB on beam with a 4.1

• Caitlyn Guffey on beam with a 2.5

• Diana Nelson on beam with a 2.3

• MicKenley Nagel on floor with a 6.4

• Savannah Aanerud on floor with a 6.8

• Anna Grove on floor with a 5.2

• Karli Siegel tied her PB on floor with a 3.2


The varsity Tigers set a new season-high team total of 109.33, but fell short of the Thunder's 123.85.

"Hailey Kotts stuck her beam routine for the second time in a row and 'popped' a great vault, tying her personal best score and taking first place with a score of 8.65," said Oberg. "She also set a new personal best in all-around.

"Paige Schieler is working her way back into competition - we had her sitting out for awhile with a nagging injury; hopefully she can be at full strength in the next week or so."

The varsity set a new season-high event score on bars.

Personal Bests:

• Hailey Kotts in all-around with a 29.15; tied her PB on vault with a 8.65

• Shala Nyvold on bars with a 4.7

• Kendra Buro on floor with a 6.85

• Paige Loew on floor with a 6.75