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Gymnasts continue to improve at Little Falls dual

The Tigers traveled to Little Falls Tuesday for their first dual meet of the season.

"This was the first time that we have competed against Little Falls in a dual," explained Oberg. "They were in our Section a few years ago.

"We faced some challenges and were not as pumped up as past meets due to illness and injuries, but the gymnasts pulled together and plugged through.

"We continued to show improvements at all levels. Overall, the scores are still climbing.

"We mixed the rotation up a little and gave some other gymnasts varsity experience," added Oberg. "I love the team depth that we have. The girls are ready to step up when asked.

"I appreciate the support from the parents and spectators that went to the meet."


Hailey Kotts returned to action after missing the last meet from illness. She competed all-around and received fourth place for her efforts. She took fourth on vault and tied for fifth place on bars with Tiger Kourtney Giese.

Giese set a new personal best on vault with a score of 8.65 earning her second place. She stuck her balance beam routine, which tied her for third, and placed third in all-around competition.

Abby Travis stuck her beam routine as well and tied for fifth place.

"Seventh grader Noel Schieler has made some big improvements on the bars with new tricks and cleaner form," said Oberg. "At each meet she has raised her personal best. That is nice to see."

The Tigers had a season-high event total on bars with a 23.4 and a season-high team total with a 108.45.

"We are now going to focus on increasing the difficulty in our vaults and various tricks in the gymnasts' routines," explained Oberg. "There are event requirements that still need touching up, but overall, we are happy with where we are at going into the winter break.

"January will be a busy month for us. Hopefully, we can get healthy and stay healthy - that will be exciting - Paige Schieler will be a big return.

"The coaches have been doing some number crunching, and the upcoming meets will be very interesting," added Oberg. "We may have to dig the record books out soon."

Personal Bests:

• Abby Travis on beam with a 6.6

• Kourtney Giese on vault with an 8.65 and beam with a 7.65

• Kendra Jergenson on vault with a 7.4

• Noel Schieler on bars with a 4.4