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Hancock gym gets an update

The current Hancock scoreboards, one pictured here, are both over 30 years old and were originally used at UM-Morris. Hancock purchased new scoreboards this November and the system is set to be installed in the mid-to-late December. Brooke Kern / Stevens County Times

The Hancock School gymnasium is getting a facelift in the form of two brand-new scoreboards. They will replace the current scoreboards, which are over 30 years old, Hancock athletic director Chad Christianson said.

“The boards we have now were from UMM (University of Minnesota, Morris). When [UMM] decided to replace the boards, a [Hancock] community member purchased them and donated them to Hancock in 2005,” Christianson said.

Scoreboards typically have a 5 or 10-year warranty, and Hancock’s current scoreboards were well beyond that when the school received them in 2005.

“With the old boards in the gym some of the bulbs are becoming burnt out. With the technology that is in them it’s not replacing one bulb but several different strips of bulbs that are molded together,” Christianson said. “We have looked at getting replacement parts, but they are no longer available.”

Hancock has purchased an entire new system that included two 10 x 6 scoreboards and a set of 3 x 5 side panels from Fair-Play.

“One of the boards that we purchased will have side panels that show player stats for players on the floor,” Christianson said.

The price for Hancock’s new scoreboard system is similar to what Morris Area Schools spent on an upgrade last winter.

Morris Area bought side panels and a piping accent for one of its current scoreboards in the elementary gym, the gym used for varsity basketball, and it cost $15,000. Side panels show players on the floor along with how many points and fouls they have, or aces and kills during volleyball season. The piping accent above the board at Morris Area states Tiger Center with the Tiger logo.

Side panels and piping accent above the scoreboard at Morris Area

Those top pieces above the scoreboard are more expensive than the side panels, Christianson said, giving a rough estimate of $2,000 for the side panels that Hancock purchased.

“We got side panels for our existing scoreboard [last year]. It roughly cost $15,000 and was paid for by donations and sports boosters,” Morris Area Athletic Director Mark Ekren said of the panels and piping accent piece purchased through Daktronics out of Brookings, South Dakota.

The Morris Area scoreboards are roughly 12 years old and were installed when the new elementary was built in 2005, Ekren said.

While Morris Area used donations and sports booster money to buy scoreboards, Hancock had budgeted money for its scoreboard purchase.

“The school budgets money for maintaining the facilities, so this budget was used to purchase the boards,” Christianson said.

Hancock scoreboards are set to be delivered and installed in the middle of December.

Brooke Kern

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