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Hancock Football team game with Verndale play by play

The Owls started the game with an impressive drive starting from their own 33 yard line to the Verndale 35 before penalties stalled the drive and Hancock turned the ball over on downs.

Verndale took their first possession 65 yards on eight plays for the first score of the game on a seven yard pass, two point pass good. On Hancock's next possession they would go three and out giving the Pirates the ball back on Verndale's 32. The quarter ended with Verndale having the ball second and goal from the three.

On the first play to start the second quarter Verndale ran the ball in from three yards out to take a 16-0 lead after the two point pass was good. Hancock's offense stalled in the second quarter as they only accumulated 36 yards. "We were not running crisp routes or sticking with our blocks," said Coach Chad Christiansen. "Verndale did a nice job of showing different looks at the line and causing problems with our line up front."

Verndale would score once more from nine yards out to take a 24-0 lead going into the break.

Verndale took the opening drive of the second half 64 yards on six plays capped off by a seven yard run to take a 30-0 lead. The Owls would come back on their first series of the second half going 65 yards on five plays to hit pay dirt. The Owls had a nice run and catch from Michells Algarate out of the back field to go 38 yards on the drive followed by another nice throw and catch from Taylor Holleman to Jordan Miller to cap off the drive on a 12 yard touchdown pass, 2pt. pass failed. Both defenses would stiffen up to finish the quarter at 30-6.

Both defenses would continue to play fast and aggressive in the fourth quarter keeping touchdowns at a minimum. Verndale would take advantage of Hancock's only turnover of the day scoring from 9 yards out 2pt. run failed. The Owls would take the ensuing possession 59 yards on 2 plays for the final score of the game. Holleman once again found Jordan Miller on a 54 yard connection, 2pt run by Bryan Shaw, Verndale 36 Hancock 14.

"We played well tonight against a tough Verndale team" said Coach Chad Christiansen. "They were able to take away some things that we were trying to do on offense. Defensively we did a pretty good job of taking away their run game and forcing them to throw the ball with their young quarterback. We come back next Friday the 14th to take on a tough Wheaton team in Herman at 3:30 p.m."



Holleman - 13 of 28 for 165 yards, two Touchdowns, one interception


Bryan Shaw - 9 for 38 yards

Holleman - 4 for 32 yards, sacked 3 for -15 not included

Jordan Miller - 1 for 5 yards

Collin Cunningham 1 for 2 yards


Jordan Miller - 6 for 92 yards, 2 touchdowns

Cunningham - 5 for 23 yards

Michells Algarate - 1 for 38 yards

Bryan Shaw - 1 for 12 yards

No Kicking or return stats at this time


Tackle Leader

Holleman - 16 tackles, 1 Interception. 1 fumble recovery

Bryan Shaw - 15 tackles

Micah Baker- 14 tackles, 1 forced fumble

Jeffrey Peterson - 3 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery

Michells Algarate- 6 tackles, 2 sacks