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Owl Football team loses homecoming game to Ashby

On Friday, Sept. 16, the Ashby Arrows came into Hancock for a Homecoming matchup. Asbhy would spoil Homecoming with a final score of 38-8.

Ashby would kickoff to start the game and opened with an onside kick that they recovered. This really set the tone of the game. The Arrows scored on the opening drive and never looked back.

Hancock came out flat and Ashby took advantage of it. Ashby scored three of their five touchdowns in the first quarter. Hancock was not mentally ready to play and it was very obvious.

The Arrows scored on plays of 8, 20, 21, 50, and 94 yards. The Owls have to do a better job of eliminating the big plays.

The Owls scoring drive was set up by a nice catch and run by senior tight-end Daniel Lonneman from Taylor Holleman. This set up a two-yard run by Michells Algarate and the two point conversion failed. The Owls then recorded a safety as the Ashby quarterback got called for intentional grounding in the end zone.

Stats for the Ashby game:


Austin Steege 15 for 45

Taylor Holleman 2 for 6 Sacked 5 for -27

Michells Algarate 6 for 33, 1 touchdown


Taylor Holleman 5 for 14 for 75 yards and three interceptions

Austin Steege 0 for 2 and two interceptions


Daniel Lonneman 2 for 42 yards long 29

Collin Cunningham 1 for 22

Jordan Miller 2 for 12 long of 12

Michells Algarate 1 for -1

Kick off return

Patrick Koehl 3 for 38 yards

Collin Cunningham 2 for 0

Philip Schafer 1 for 15

Kick Off

Michells Algarate 2 for 110, one touchback


Michells Algarate 5 for 190

Jerid Berning 1 for 12