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UMM unveils new Cougar athletics logo

A partnership between Intercollegiate Athletics, the Office of Student Affairs, and University Relations has resulted in the creation of a renewed graphic identity for Cougar athletics. In consultation and in response to athletic staff, students, and administration, Kari Adams '03, University Relations graphic artist, created a series of images and marks that capture the spirit of Cougar athletics.

"Our new Cougar look is a visual symbol of our progress and success in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III, " reflects Sandra Olson Loy, vice chancellor for student affairs. "With our teams and athletes winning conference championships and advancing to national Division III competition, it represents Morris's revitalized competitive edge, our talented and dedicated student-athletes, and the proud tradition of Cougar athletics."

The newly implemented graphics feature a formidable cougar in gold and maroon with modern, stylized text fonts. Representing a record 380 student athletes in 17 varsity sports, the new logo communicates the personality of Cougar athletics well to broad, varied audiences. UMM sports fans will see the new Cougar image on the athletics website, in print publications, and on Cougar-wear in August 2011. Pounce, the

Cougar mascot, is also expected to sport a new look during the fall sports season.