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Hancock girls basketball team competes in elite bracket of Southwest MN State University team camp

The Hancock girls basketball team traveled to Marshall on July 9 and 10 to participate in the elite bracket of the Southwest Minnesota State University team camp.

Saturday games

In the opening round, the Lady Owls were matched up against Pierre, S.D. and defeated them by a score of 31-15.

Courtney Greiner led the scoring in this game with 14 points, followed by Kendra Schmidgall with five points, Shae Brown - five points, Serandon Bigalke four points, Olivia Koehl with two points, and Gabbi Nienhaus with one point. Courtney and Olivia led the rebounding with four each while Kendra picked off six steals. All of the girls played outstanding defense the entire game. Unfortunately, 18 free-throws were missed in this game.

In the second round, Hancock was matched up against a very good Estelline team. Hancock led 22-15 at half-time but ended up losing this heart-breaker by a score of 29-28. Hancock was up by one point with 20 seconds left and turned the ball over. Estelline was able to get three shots off before scoring to go up one point. The Owls did not get a shot off with 10 seconds remaining on the clock.

This was a learning experience for the team.

Kendra Schmidgall led the scoring with 19 points followed by Serandon Bigalke with seven points. These two girls were the only players to score. Kendra also led the rebounding with five and Shae led the assist category with three.

In the final round at 8 p.m. on Saturday night, Hancock played the best team at the tournament - Western Christian. This team was a very solid 10 players deep and all of them were extremely athletic. Hancock hung with them the first half, trailing 22-25, but the wheels fell off the wagon in the second half and the Owls ended up losing 62-40. Kendra Schmidgall led the scoring with 16 points, followed by Olivia Koehl with 10 points, Courtney Greiner scored eight points, Shae Brown four points, and Serandon Bigalke two points.

Kendra, Courtney, and Olivia all pulled down six rebounds to lead the way.

Sunday games

On Sunday morning, the Owls were matched up against Adrian and defeated them by a score of 34-19. "This was the best that the girls played in the tournament as everything was working on both ends of the floor." said Coach Jodi Holleman.

Kendra led the scoring again with 14 points, followed by Courtney with nine points, Serandon with five points, Shae with four points, and Olivia with two points. Courtney also pulled down 10 rebounds and picked off four steals.

In the second round, Hancock was matched up against a very aggressive Marshall team. The Tigers trapped and pressed the entire game, which resulted in some easy transition buckets for them. Hancock ended up losing this game 30-48.

Kendra led the scoring with 18 points, followed by Olivia with six points, Courtney - four points, and Shae Brown two points. Kendra led the rebounding with eight.

"Overall, this was an excellent experience for all the girls." said Holleman "We could have played in the easy bracket and went 5-0 on the weekend, but opted to play against very tough competition. Both Marshall and Western Iowa beat us with a deep, athletic bench. Hopefully all the girls had a great time and learned a lot."

"I was very pleased with the performance of Sami Schmidgall, Gabbi Nienhaus, Lexi Nohl, and Shelby Arnold when they had the opportunity to play in these games."