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Tiger track & field team finishes strong season

West Central Conference South honors were presented to 10 Tigers. Receiving All-Conference recognition were (left to right) Tony Domnick, Cody Cannon, Cody Hickman, Tristan Michealson, (not pictured) Tim Ostby, Tyler Roske, Dan Tiernan, and Gage Anderson. Receiving an honorable mention were Aaron Goulet and Zach Gibson.2 / 2

The Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta boys' track and field team started the season strong and finished with a gold medal winner at the state meet.

The Tigers won their first two meets of the season at the home track.

Coach Dale Henrich credits the team's numbers and his fellow coaching staff for the Tigers' success.

The team boasts over 50 athletes.

"Track and field is a numbers game," explained Henrich. "It's nice to see that much interest."

"Another reason for our success is due to the knowledge we bring as a coaching staff."

Mark Ekren coaches the sprinters, Vicki Cannon works with the jumpers and hurdlers, Tim Cannon coaches the throwers and high jumpers, while Henrich, the Tigers' cross country coach, works with the distance runners.

The team was led by six seniors. Those seniors had a part in winning 18 trophies for the Tigers in the last three years.

"They brought a lot of success to the program."

Micah Fehr has been a thrower for the last couple seasons and got into more distance running this year.

"He had a lot of success," Henrich said. "He did real well as a runner and as a thrower, he did a nice job for us."

Cody Hickman joined track for the first time this season.

"He was a nice addition as a sprinter," Henrich said. "He's full out all the time, just like when he plays football.

"Not many work harder than Cody. He gives everything he has."

Tyler Roske has been with the program for years.

"He's been a strong sprinter for us," said Henrich. "It's going to be tough to replace him."

Dan Tiernan has been a distance runner for the Tigers.

"He picked up where he left off in cross country," explained Henrich. "He worked relentlessly."

Tristan Michealson has been a hurdler for the team for a long time. This season he decided to run only the 110 hurdles. However, after a teammate's injury he was needed back at the 300s.

"He got in better shape in the 300s which made him a better 110 hurdler," explained Henrich.

After six years of varsity track, Cody Cannon finished the season with a gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles.

"I don't know anyone who works harder," said Henrich. "He's a fantastic hurdler and runner. It was a good finish to a really good season."

"There were a couple of juniors out for track for the first time, including a couple from Chokio-Alberta.

"They fit in really well."

Henrich had 12 sophomores on the team this season.

"Next year's juniors are really talented kids," he said.

Henrich said the junior high and freshman athletes were "stellar" this season.

"We have a lot of talented kids that are young," he said. "The success of the boys' track team will continue."