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Owl basketball camp held at UMM

Owl Camp Director, Jodi Holleman announced that the Owl Basketball Camp at the University of Minnesota, Morris P.E. Center last week drew in 130 athletes. Hancock Alumni Tara Thielke, Bree Holleman, and Lindsie Cunningham assisted with the camp, while the Hancock varsity girls basketball team also assisted with sessions two and three. On Friday, awards were presented in various categories and the sessions, which were divided by age.

Dribbling Awards: Peyton Rohloff, Jordan Sterud, Jenna Larsen, Jake Anderson, Morgan Nelson, Isabell Schirm, Haley Wollschloger, Rylee Sawatzky, Kaitlin Mortenson

Most Improved Awards: Emma Nelson, Auddy Sperr, Tanner Pahl, Maggie Raddatz, Connor Koser

Hustle Awards: Grace Hegland, Islande Sperr, Cortney Hickman, Courtney Hanson, Dallas Walton, Kelsey Lund

Gym Rat Awards: Lexi Staples, Landon Schirm, Bryn Brown, Gideon Joos, Parker Schmidgall, Chandler Vogel, Bennett Nienhaus, Correy Hickman, Cole Reese, Connor Reese, Isaac Gerdes

Owl Camper of the Week: Peyton Sterud, Kaden Burns, Makenna Kepner, Tyler Braegelmann, Devon Schroeder, Ciara Turner, Sydney Weber, Carley Strei, Isaiah Flaten, Kali Berlinger, Karli Erickson.

The 5-on-5 champions for session one were as follows:

Session One 5-on-5 Champions with a record of 12-3: Dylan Erickson, Taylor Holleman, Brady Koehl, Patrick Koehl, Gabbi Nienhaus, and Kayla Crowell

Runner-Up with a record of 9-6: Riley Arndt, Eric Staebler, Cassey Hickman, Courtney Gades, Sam Vasek, and Claire Hanson

Iowa Basketball Champions with a record of 14-1: MaKenzie Smith, Riley Arndt, Katie Holzheimer, Jerid Berning, Sam Vasek, Kayla Crowell

Runner-up with a record of 9-5-1: Brady Koehl, Danny Lonneman, Noah Grove, Justin Miller, Lexi Nohl, and Lexi Steege.

Nebraska Champs: Justin Miller, Kayla Crowell, Patrick Koehl, Jordan Burns, Brady Koehl, Bryce Schmidgall, Sami Schmidgall, Claire Hanson, Sam Vasek, Jake Zosel, Eric Staebler, Noah Grove, Taylor Holleman, Dylan Erickson, Serandon Bigalke, Cassey Hickman, Courtney Gades

Session two 5 on 5 Champions at Owl Basketball Camp included:

First place court one, blue team - Sidney Gerdes, Maggie Raddatz, Isabel Schirm, Ciara Turner and Riley Decker

Court Two, (tie) - Zach Flaten, mason Schmidgall, Cole Reese, Connor Reese, Chandler Vogel and Cameron Koebernick.

Blue Team - Camden Arndt, Connor Koebernick, Tanner Pahl, Peyton Rohloff, Bennett Neinhaus and Connor Koser

Court Three, Red Team - Auddy Sperr, Jenna Howden, Kali Berlinger, Kaitlyn Jepma, Courtney Hanson and Kaitlyn Mortenson.

Court Four - Tyler Reese, Morgan Nelson, Lexi Steege, Jake Anderson, Bryce Schmidgall and Correy Hickman.

Pre-School/Kindergarten Champions: Riley Braegelmann, Maddy Grove, Tyson Grove, Miles Eble, and Maura Lamberty

Number game Champions (Session 3): Luke Joos, Kortney Hickman, Sydney Dietz, Bryn Brown, Kaden Burns, Peyton Sterud, Landon Schirm, Sam Kleinwolterink, Karly Erickson, Alexis Staples, Derek Giese, Preston Rohloff, Kylie Swanson, Parker Schmidgall, Gideon Joos, and LeAndra Hormann

The athletes competed in various competitions (shooting, lane slides, dribbling, etc.) throughout the week and earned points for these events. Trophy award winners were as follows:

Seventh grade boys: first place-Collin Brown, second place-Cole Voorhees, third place-Bryce Schmidgall

Seventh grade girls: first Place-Lexi Steege, second place-Kayla Crowell, third place-Claire Hanson, fourth place-Brooke Jepma

Sixth grade boys: first place-Jacob Zosel, second place-Zack Burns, third place-Luke Manska, fourth place-Tyler Reese

Sixth grade girls: first place-Britta Engebretson, second place-Taniah Tosel, third place-Hallie Wilson, fourth place-Correy Hickman

Fifth grade boys: first place-Isaac Gerdes, second place-tie-Chandler Vogel and Conner Koebernick, third place-Zack Flaten, fourth place-Mason Schmidgall

Fifth grade girls: first place-Jenna Howden, second place-Carly Wohlers, third place-Katelynn Jepma, fourth place-Kalil Berlinger

Fourth grade boys: first place-Camden Arndt, second place-Cole Reese, third place-Connor Reese, fourth place-Bennett Nienhaus

Fourth grade girls: first place-Riley Decker, second place-Sydney Gerdes, third place-Liz Dietz, fourth place Lindsay Kranz

Session three winners included: first place - Joe Kleinwolterink, second place-LeAndra Hormann

Third grade boys: first place-Gideon Joos, second place-Austin Berlinger, third place-Parker Schmidgall and Cameron Koebernick

Third grade girls: First place-Kylie Swanson, second place-MacKenna Kehoe

Second grade boys: first place-Preston Rohloff, second place-Derek Giese, third place-Evan Hegland, fourth place-Isaac Nienhaus

Second grade girls: first place-Alexis Staples, second place-Karli Erickson, third place-LaRae Kram

First grade boys: first place-Jackson Loge, second place-Landon Schirm, third place-Sam Kleinwolterink, fouth place - tie - Luke Joos and Zachary Koehl

First grade girls: first place-Sydney Dietz, second place-Camryn Ostby, third place-Tori Pahl, fourth place-Bryn Brown

Kindergarten boys: first place-Riley Braegelmann, second place-Dain Schroeder

Kindergarten girls: first place-Madelyn Grove, second place-Gabi Joos, third place-Maura Lamberty, fourth place-Piper Swanson

Pre-school boys: first place-Miles Eble, second place-Tyson Grove, third place-Gage Schmidgall

Pre-school Girls: first place-Kaitlin Staples, second place-Madison Kepner