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League soliciting public's best of high school hoops

In March of 2012, the Minnesota State High School League will be celebrating 100 years of basketball tournaments. The first was held in 1913, an invitational affair hosted by Carleton College in Northfield and won by Fosston 29-27 over Mountain Lake.

The League is soliciting public input in selecting some of the greatest moments in the history of both the boys' and girls' state tournaments. An online poll is available on the League website to collect the "best of" in several different categories. Here is the direct link to the poll --

Six categories have been established for which up to three responses may be given for each gender:

* Greatest State Tournament Games -- Boys and Girls

* Best State Tournament Finishes -- Boys and Girls

* Best State Tournament Shots -- Boys and Girls

* Best State Tournament Teams -- Boys and Girls

* Best State Tournament Players -- Boys and Girls

* Best State Tournament Coaches -- Boys and Girls

The poll will be available for public input until July 31. Results will be compiled, reviewed by League staff and a panel of basketball aficionados, but not released until the 2012 state tournaments. A variety of events are under consideration to commemorate the 100th year of state basketball tournaments.

League staff is also soliciting memorabilia that could be displayed during the tournaments, such as programs, trophies, uniforms, balls, newspaper clippings, audio recordings, films or videotapes. If you have something of interest you are willing to have displayed at the tournaments, contact the League office, 763-560-2262.