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Tiger gymnasts start 2010-11 season

The Morris Area gymnastics team is ready to improve upon last season's success as they begin 2010-11.

"We are very close to where we left off last season," said coach Trent Oberg. "The JV is less than two points from their season high last year and less than five points from the school record.

"The varsity is less than four points from their season high last year.

"I see JV breaking 100 this season and varsity breaking 115," concluded Oberg.

This season's roster includes 30 gymnasts. The 2010-11 captains are the team's three seniors: Cammi Aanerud, Amanda Moser, and Rachel Moser.

"The girls are working hard and are very upbeat," said Oberg. "This is going to be a fun and exciting year.

"Many of the girls trained over the summer and/or went to camps. It is really evident," added Oberg. "I'm noticing big improvements in strength, technique, and abilities."