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New coach, new season for Tiger girls

The Morris Area/ Chokio-Alberta girls' basketball team is starting a new season with a new coach, Dale Henrich.

While new to the girls' program, Henrich is a seasoned coach, leading both the cross country teams in the fall and the boys' track team in the spring.

He has also been a part of the boys' basketball program for many years, most recently coaching the Tigers' C-squad.

Henrich said that even though this is his first season as head coach of the Tiger girls, he's very familiar with the players and the program.

"I've been watching these girls play and helping them in the summer," Henrich explained. "I've been involved in the program in one way or another."

He has been coaching the girls in the summer for the last 10 years and has attended home games whenever he wasn't on the road with the boys' team.

So for him, the new position isn't as challenging as it might be for the players.

"The toughest thing is getting used to new plays and the transition in terminology," Henrich said.

The girls were accustomed to Ken Gagner's coaching terms and practices, but now must learn those used by Henrich.

The Tigers lost four of their most experienced players to graduation.

"We're really going in inexperienced," he said. "That will take care of itself in the first few games."

Several home games in the first half of the season will go a long way to helping the girls gain confidence.

"We'll get to see the home court a lot," he said. "That will help put us at ease."