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First home loss for JH Hancock football team

The Owls got off to a slow start with Browns Valley having a 24-0 lead at half time. Browns Valley scored one more time in the third quarter with the two point conversion being good giving them a 32-0 lead over the Owls.

The Owls then respond on a 15 yard half back pass by Justin Miller connecting with Philip Schaefer and the two point conversion unsuccessful. The Owls scored again on a 20 yard touchdown pass from Philip Schaefer to Collin Brown with the two point conversion good on a pass from Philip Schaefer to Anthony Schaefer. The game ended with a score of 32-14 in favor of Browns Valley.

Defensively, Philip Schaefer two solos and three assists, Brendan Jensen one solo and one assist, Kayla Crowell five solos and one assist, Will Osterman two solos and four assists, Caleb Bitter one assist, Max Feuchtenberger one solo, Nathan Koehl one assist, Brandon Shaw one solo, Justin Miller one solo and two assists.

The Owls won game two with great defense. The only score for the game came on an eight yard touchdown pass from Collin Brown to Justin Miller giving the Owls the win 6-0.

Defensively, Cole Voorhees one assist, Kayla Crowell three assists, Caleb Bitter two assists, Collin Brown one assist, Brett Kellner one assist, Max Feuchtenberger one assist, Bryce Schmidgall one assist, Justin Peterson one assist, Alex Copa one assist, Justin Miller two assists.