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JV Owls lose to ECHO Charter

The Owls JV football team matched up against the ECHO Charter Rockets on Sept. 27. The Owls fell short in their first junior varsity outing of the season 12-0.

Offensive leaders for the Owls were Brady Koehl, Jerid Berning, and Jordan Miller receiving passes from Phillip Schaefer. Bryce Wilson, Jerrid Jepma, and Patrick Koehl took the bulk of the carries for the Owls ground attack. The Owls moved the ball on down the field on the windy Monday afternoon, but came up just short of putting the ball in the end zone.

The Owls defense proved to be stingy allowing 12 points to a much larger ECHO offense. The Owls defense was tough and hard hitting Monday. They produced three fumbles from the Rocket ball carriers. The Owls fast flowing defense produced many tacklers with multiple tackles. Leading hitters were Brady Koehl, Mikah Baker, Patrick Koehl, and Jerrid Jepma who made it a tough afternoon for ECHO to get their offense going. Jerid Berning, Seth Nelson, Phillip Schaefer also recorded multiple tackles for the Owls