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Summary of Owls football season

By Chanc Nack

The Hancock Owls football team had the biggest game of the season Sept. 24, its homecoming night, against the Brandon Evansville Chargers. Senior center and line backer for the Owls, Nick Marczak, feels that the Owls are a great team.

"We just have to work hard to get the win." Marczak has been playing football for the Owls since he was in 7th grade. He thinks this year's Owls team has the talent because they are athletic. Marczak enjoys playing football because he likes hitting people and laying them on their back.

Senior defensive end and running back, Chanc Nack, has been playing since 7th grade also. Nack thinks that the Owls football team is one big family, it's just they have to find it. Football is played with heart and nobody has found the heart to play yet. He enjoys playing football because it gets his mind off of school work and other things. It's a sport that he loves and he believes that if you love something enough you will not give it up. Because he likes being part of a team, he enjoys encouraging others to play harder and push them. Nack says if you push yourself as hard as you can in conditioning it can't get any harder.

This is coach Chad Christianson's first year coaching the Hancock Owls football team. He enjoys coaching in Hancock, first, because he loves being a part of sports. Secondly, he likes to be able to see his students in an atmosphere outside of the classroom, doing something they enjoy. He also loves to help his students get better at what they enjoy doing.

This year's homecoming game had a little extra meaning for Christianson having taught at B-E the last three years before coming to Hancock. Christianson says that going into every game there are always nerves and "that's what makes it fun."

Christianson was asked if the Owls have strength and his reaction to it is that this year the Owls are fairly inexperienced, but they have some very athletic players.

"Our players are continuing to learn and improve each week," he said.

Christianson feels that if the Owls continue to improve, he likes their chances of winning some games. His outlook on the season is realistic.

"The Pheasant Conference has a lot of good teams in it this year, so the schedule is pretty tough, but if you want to be the best you need to beat the best."

The Owls played a game last Friday, Oct. 1, against the Lincoln HI Rebels. The Owls came out of the cages fired and ready to go to beat the Rebels. The Owls defense did well against the Rebels for the most part. The Owls offence did well too. They moved the ball against their defense and scored a few points even though it was not enough to get a victory in their second to last home game.

Now that the Lincoln HI game is over the Owls can get focused on their away game against the Wheaton Warriors on Friday, Oct. 8.

"Hopefully we'll get a victory there," says Marczak.