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Hancock Junior high football team loses two

Hancock 8th grade football team played Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley and lost 18-8 in a close game. Offensively, CGB scored the first touchdown with the two-point conversion unsuccessful, CGB then scored again and the two-point conversion again unsuccessful giving them the lead 12-0.

In the 4th quarter the Owls came back and scored on a 45-yard pass from Philip Schaefer to Collin Brown making the score 12-8 CGB leading. The Owls kicked an onside kick and CGB ran it back for a touchdown giving them the lead 18-8 and the win.

Defensively for the Owls Logan Kisgen one assist; Philip Schaefer two solos and five assists; Brendan Jensen five solos, two assists and one sack; Kayla Crowell four solos, five assists and one sack; Will Osterman one solo and four assists; Anthony Koehl four solos and four assists; Caleb Bitter one interception; Collin Brown two solos; Max Feuchtenberger three assists; Brandon Shaw two assists; and Justin Miller one solo, four assists, one interception and one sack. This puts the 8th grade Owls with record of 2-3.

The Hancock 7th grade football team also played CGB winning 18-6. CGB scored first giving them the lead 6-0. The Owls score on a Collin Brown interception return for a touchdown. The Owls scored again on a QB sneak by Collin Brown giving the Owls a 12-6 lead. They scored one more time on a bootleg by Collin Brown put the score 18-6 in the favor of the Owls.

Defensively Philip Schaefer one assist; Kayla Crowell one assist; Will Osterman four assists; Collin Brown one solo and one interception; and Justin Miller two solos. This puts the 7th Grade Owls with a 1-0 record.

Brandon-Evansville defeated the Owls junior high football team in game one, 32-8. B-E scored first with a punt return touchdown and the two-point conversion was successful. B-E scored again on a run with another two-point conversion being successful giving B-E the lead 16-0. The Owls respond with a 70-yard punt return by Philip Schaefer with the two-point conversion successful with Philip Schaefer connecting to Justin Miller giving B-E a 16-8 lead at half time.

B-E scored in the third quarter on a touchdown run with the two-point conversion being successful giving B-E a 24-8 lead. B-E scored again on a run with a two-point conversion being successful giving B-E a 32-8 win over the Owls.

Defensively for the Owls Philip Schaefer had two solos and four assists, Brendan Jensen had three solos and three assists, Kayla Crowell had two solos, four assists and one sack, Will Osterman had four solos and five assists, Anthony Koehl had two solos, six assists and one interception, Collin Brown had four assists, Max Feuchtenberger had one solo, Brandon Shaw two solos and six assists and Justin Miller four solos and five assists. Defensively the Owls played great football in the first half of the game but they just couldn't get the offense going.

Owls won game two 8-0. The only score of the game came in the fourth quarter on a Justin Miller interception for a touchdown and the two-point conversion being successful giving the Owls a 8-0 win. Defensively Philip Schaefer one solo and two assists, Cole Voorhees one assist, Kayla Crowell two solos and two assists, Will Osterman three solos and four assists, Anthony Koehl had one solo and six assists, Collin Brown one assist, Brett Kellner tw assists, Brandon Shaw one assist and Justin Miller with one solo, four assists, one interception and one sack. The Owls played a very intense defensive game. This puts the Owls at 4-4.