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Hancock Lions 5K run results and participants

Hancock Lions 5K Chairman, Troy Hausmann reports a record number of participants turned out on a warm and windy July 3, for the Page Lake 5K. Some of the participants run competitively as seen by the results for the 3.1 mile course. Others enjoy a more leisurely pace, but both groups benefit from the healthy activity. The Lions appreciate the support of the participants and the race sponsors. Sponsors for this year's race include Stevens Community Medical Center, Affiliated Community Medical Centers (ACMC), and Willie's Super Valu.

The Hancock Lions also appreciate the Stevens County Sheriff's Department, the Stevens County Sheriff's Posse volunteers, the Hancock First Responders and the Hancock Police Department for help in keeping the 117 run/walk participants safe.

This year the Hancock Lions will donate a portion of the proceeds to Camp Hope. Camp Hope is dedicated to providing the resources for our veterans to again enjoy outdoor activities. There are over 2.3 million disabled veterans in the United States. Each of these soldiers sacrificed more than we will ever know. They should not have to sacrifice their dreams.

5K Results 2010

Women's Division

23:48 Amber Turnbull, Morris, 1st Race, lst 20s Div.

24:33 Courtney Gramm, Hancock, 2nd Race, 1st Place Teen

24:45 Caron Goll, 1st Place 30s

25:43 Jenna Muntifering, Buffalo, 2nd Place Teen

26:27 Molly Muntifering, Buffalo, 3rd Place Teen

26:34 Jenny Noordmans, Hancock, 2nd Place 20s

26:42 Lindsie Cunnnigham, Hancock

28:0 Steph Hacker, Hancock, 3rd Place 20s

28:24 Renee Konz, Morris

28:27 Doreen Richter, Detroit Lakes, 1st Place 40s Div.

28:35 Julie Treinen, Ortonville, 2nd Place 40s

28:42 Katie Nichtern, Lowry

28:52 Elizabeth Paul, Hancock, 1st place 12 and under

28:56 Abigail Ascheman, Hancock

29:10 Esther Koehl, Hancock

29:11 Kalee Nuest, Morris

29:22 Rachel Duncan, New Haven, Conn., 2nd Place

29:25 Glenda Feist, Morris, 3rd Place 30s

29:28 Tara Winchester, Hancock

30:28 Shelly Schneider, Morris

31:10 Carrie Jepma, Hancock, 3rd Place 40s

31:30 Katie Hausmann, New Berlin, Wis.

31:31 Jennifer Boon, Morris

31:34 Trudy Staples, Hancock

31:35 Nicole Wentland, Becker

31:48 Angela Kroeger, New Richland

32:32 Michelle Just, Morris

32:38 Ashma Treinen, Ortonville

33:38 Stacie Cunningham, Hancock

33:39 Allie Cunningham, Hancock

33:48 Bethany Batdorf, Sauk Rapids

33:56 Bridget Joos, Hancock

34:19 Tara Thielke, Hancock

34:30 Kari Cedergren, Sauk Rapids

34:47 Jill Lemke, Hancock, 1st Place Team Couch to 5K

35:43 Melissa Evers, Albert Lea

36:38 Gabbi Nienhaus, Hancock

36:56 Stacy Kjorness, Lowry

38:8 Jolynn Grabowska, Alexandria

38:12 Ashely Christianson, Hancock

39:47 Audrey Hill, Dent

40:37 Millie Tschetter, Morris, 1st Place 60s

41:14 Danielle Owens, Versailles, Ky.

41:28 Hellen Goll, Alexandria, 2nd Place 60s

42:37 Heidi Lonneman, Hancock

45:0 Kristine Rolf, Maplewood

45:16 Sandy Nelson, Hancock

45:17 Stephanie Flaten, Hancock

46:27 Stephanie Coury, Phoenix, Ariz.

46:28 Claudia Gramm, San Diego, Calif.

46:36 Wanda Gramm, Hancock, 1st Place 50s

48:56 Patty Nienhaus, Hancock

49:42 Kelsey Jepma, Hancock

49:42 Brittni Kruger, North Mankato

49:44 Carolyn Peterson, Hancock

49:44 Tina Viss, Sioux Falls, S.D.

49:51 Kelly Heyer, Fargo, N.D.

50:11 Josi Collis, Morris

50:17 Lisa Nelson, Hancock

51:42 Jody Cunningham, Hancock

Men's Division

18:16 Mitchell Evink, Alexandria, 1st Place Race, 1st Teen

19:40 David Quie, St. Paul, 1st Place 40's, 2nd Place Race

20:8 Jason Coury, Phoenix Ariz., 1st Place 30s

21:26 Cory Schoemaker, Vandalia, Ohio, 1st Place 20s

22:9 Daniel Fragodt; Benson, 2nd Place 20s

22:21 Tony Thielke, Osceola, Wis., 2nd Place 30s

22:41 Tomas Pahl, Hancock, 3rd Place 30s

22:55 Bruce Evink, Alexandria, 2nd Place 40s

23:4 Wade Feuchtenberger. Hancock, 2nd Place Teens

23:15 Arland Braaten-Lee, Alberta, 1st Place 60s

23:30 John Tiernan, Morris, 3rd Place Teens

23:31 Kyle Zierke, Hancock, 3rd Place Teens

23:32 Matt Konz, Morris

23:34 Mark VanOverbeke, Morris, 3rd Place 40s

23:40 Bryan Asche, Brookings, S.D.

23:58 Daniel Hill, Dent

24:8 David Mitteness, Morris

24:18 Carlos Bright, Morris, 2nd Place 60s

24:19 Kevin Thell, Morris

24:41 Nathan Batdorf, Sauk Rapids

25:3 Dustin Heck, Morris

25:27 Jake Richter, Alexandria

25:43 Michael Richter, Alexandria

25:44 Trevor Hicks, Minneapolis

26:9 Jon Oettel, St. Cloud

26:20 Jerry Lesmeister, Morris, 1st Place 50s

27:40 Adam Kruger, North Makato

27:56 Michael Elole, Morris

28:21 Joey Hacker, Versailles, Ky.

28:30 Paul Treinen, Ortonville

28:33 Scott Grabowska, Alexandria

29:0 Randy Thielke, Holloway, 2nd Place 50s

28:29 Josh Muntifering, Buffalo, 1st Place 12 and under

28:30 Ben Hacker, Hancock

29:59 Christopher Tiernan, Morris

30:5 Justin Rohloff, Morris

30:55 Justin Gramm, San Diego, Calif.

31:6 Jason Hatfield, Morris

31:49 Justin Cronen, Hancock, 1st Place Hancock Lions Div.

32:7 Carl Batdorf, Sartell

33:56 Shane Joos, Hancock

34:24 Phillip Bacon, Portland, Ore.

34:31 Caleb Zierke, Hancock

34:32 Micah Baker, Hancock

37:5 Bennett Nienhaus, Hancock, 2nd Place 12 and under

38:7 Jordan Peterson, Hancock, 3rd place 12 and under

38:42 Adam Wentland, Becker

42:11 Chet Tschetter, Morris, 1st Place 70s

44:59 Boyd Malo, Hancock, 1st Place Team Malo

45:24 James Eggersoorfen, North Mankato

46:52 Bart Viss. Sioux Falls, S.D.

46:53 Rod Peterson, Hancock

49:52 Shane Anderson, Milwaukie, Ore.

50:35 Bill Zeltwanger, Round Top, Texas, 2nd Place 70s

50:41 Tim Gramm, Hancock

50:47 Ted Gramm, Hancock

Photos by Sharon Van Eps