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Racing: Danzeisen takes his first Mod Nationals crown

For Herman driver Scot Danzeisen, success has been the norm. The 10-time Viking Speedway Modified champion has won nearly every Modified special event ever offered up at the speedway.

Until Saturday night, however, Danzeisen had failed in his first five tries to take home the Minnesota Modified Nationals crown.

That would change in a big way, however, when Danzeisen scored one of the biggest wins of his career, taking home the $7,000 crown in grand fashion.

After driver introductions and a four wide salute to the fans, order was restored for the 60-lap, $7,000 to win Minnesota Modified Nationals A-main event.

Travis Saurer and Dale Mathison led the 25-car starting field to the green as they lit the wick off of turn four.

Mathison made a bonsai move for the inside of the speedway, but Saurer did not lift as he held the early advantage out front.

Saurer continued to rail the high side and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap.

The top of the speedway looked to be the preferred line, but Kelly Estey was on the march via the bottom groove. Estey worked the bottom of the speedway during the first 30 laps, moving up 10 positions into seventh when the fuel stop took place on lap 30.

At that point it was Mathison over Saurer, Danzeisen, Jason Thoennes and Dave Cain.

After the teams refueled, Mathison once again took off into the lead. Mathison would lead the next 13 circuits before popping over the banking in turn two, giving the lead to Danzeisen in the process.

Back in traffic, Don Eischens looked to have the strongest car on the speedway as he and Estey battled for the fifth spot.

Eischens took the spot from Estey with 10 laps remaining, while Danzeisen was gone out front.

Cain made some stellar moves, moving up three positions into second, while Shayne Laske looked very strong in third.

With three laps up on the board, Laske took a peak to the inside of Cain for the second spot. Laske, however, received some bad luck as his machine began to slow on the final lap.

Out front it was all Danzeisen as he took the win in convincing fashion over Cain.

Jason Grimes moved up one position and passed Laske after his machine finally stalled coming for the checkers, while Eischens rounded out the top five.

Estey, Thoennes, Shane Edgington, 23rd starter Josh Thoennes and Craig Thatcher rounded out the top 10 for the open wheel extravaganza.

Saurer takes qualifier in night one at Viking

Saurer earned the right to sit on the outside pole for Saturday night's $7,000 to win main event by taking the win in the Modified qualifying feature Friday night.

Mathison and Saurer shared the front row starting duties for the Modified qualifying A-main.

Saurer took the lead from the outset, with Mathison settling into second.

Seventh starter Thoennes worked the bottom of the speedway during the 25-lap event, moving up three positions into second, while the rest of the field worked the top.

Danzeisen used a couple of nice moves to move up four positions during qualifying action coming home sixth.

In the end, however, it was Saurer turning in a dominating performance taking the win.

Mathison settled into a groove taking home second ahead of Craig Thatcher, Thoennes and eighth starter Jason Grimes.




FEATURE - 1. Scot Danzeisen (5X), Herman, 2. Dave Cain (2C), Corcoran, 3. Jason Grimes (99G), Valley City, ND, 4. Shayne Laske (30), Moorhead, 5. Don Eischens (9E), Richmond, 6. Kelly Estey (37), NA, 7. Jason Thoennes (52), Garfield, 8. Shane Edginton (5E), East Street, MB, 9. Josh Thoennes (51), Carlson, 10. Craig Thatcher (91), Knapp, WI, 11. Shane Sabraski (7A), Rice, 12. Trent Follmer (31T), Princeton, 13. Darrell Nelson (44), Hermantown, 14. Dale Mathison (9M), Clearwater, 15. Mike Storck (75), Morris, 16. Matt Smith (12), Morris, 17. Travis Saurer (21X), Elizabeth, 18. Terry Engebretson (1X), Cyrus, 19. Andy Gordon (21), Murdock, 20. Erik Peterson (34), Princeton, 21. Nate Heinrich (10H), Madison, 22. Ryan Aho (71A), Chisholm, 23. Jeremy Houle (54), Forest Lake, 24. Jayme Lautigar (54L), Gilbert, 25. Jay McDonald (96), Fargo, ND.

B-MAIN 1 - McDonald, Storck, Edgington, Peterson, Tofte

B-MAIN 2 - Sabraski , Estey, Lautigar, Jo Thoennes, Heinrich

B-MAIN 3 - Smith, Aho, Eischens, Houle, Christiansen

LCQ - Heinrich, Christiansen, Tofte, Canon, Holtan


QUALIFYING FEATURE - Travis Saurer, Dale Mathison, Craig Thatcher, Jason Thoennes, Jason Grimes, Scot Danzeisen, Dave Cain, Andy Gordon, Darrell Nelson, Terry Engebretson, Shayne Laske, Trent Follmer.

HEAT 1 - 1. Gordon, 2. Tim Alexander (29A), Stanchfield, 3. Dave Cain (2C), Corcoran, 4. Curt Lund (87), Redwood Falls, 5. Shane Edginton (5E), East Street, MB, 6. Don Eischens (9E), Richmond, 7. Mike Storck (75), Morris, 8. Aaron Holtan (2H), New Folden, 9. Dallas Gulbrandson (1G), Alexandria, 10. Ross Romdalvik (19R), West Fargo, ND.

HEAT 2 - 1. Mathison, 2. Shane Sabraski (7A), Rice, 3. Danzeisen, 4. Scott Tofte (28), Madison, 5. Jamie Davis (85), Fort Frances, ON, 6. Jamie Lemke (17L), Hutchinson, 7. Josh Thoennes (51), Carlos, 8. Dave Schroeder (18S), Brooten, 9. Jason Blascyk (1B), Kensington, 10. Gavin Paull (16), Fort Frances, ON.

HEAT 3 - 1. Follmer, 2. Ryan Aho (17A), Chisholm, 3. T. Sauer, 4. Kelly Estey (37), NA, 5. Jayme Lautigar (54L), Gilbert, 6. Jeremy Houle (54), Forest Lake, 7. John Sertich (31), Sauk Rapids, 8. Corey Sersha (21D), Eveleth, 9. Jeff Broking (5), Grand Rapids, 10. Ryan Canon (47), Clearwater.

HEAT 4 - 1. Engebretson, 2. Matt Smith (12), Morris, 3. Darrell Nelson (44), Hermantown, 4. Erik Peterson (34), Princeton, 5. Jake Wildman (99W), Glenwood, 6. Robert Gierke (26), Westport, 7. Kent Willms (4K), Willmar, 8. Kyle Koehntop (1K), Morris, 9. Scott Greer (5G), East Street, MB.

HEAT 5 - 1. Thatcher, 2. Jason Thoennes (52), Garfield, 3. Dennis Bitzan (10X), Farwell, 4. Mark Noble (6X), MN, 5. Kyle Wieberdink (02), Alexandria, 6. Jason Strand (E85), Portland, ND, 7. Scott Heikkinen (1), Eveleth, 8. Ron Jones (7), Princeton, 9. Joey Jensen (V2), Forest Lake.

HEAT 6 - 1. Grimes, 2. Jay McDonald (96), Fargo, ND, 3. Shayne Laske (30), Moorhead, 4. Craig Christiansen (4C), New London, 5. Nate Heinrich (10H), Madison, 6. Danny Bayer (36), Elrosa, 7. Luke Dykstra (44D), Winnipeg, MB, 8. John Carpenter (9), Hibbing, 9. Jodi Olson (5M), Hibbing.