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Owl Basketball Camp awards

Attendance totalled 110 campers at the 13th annual Owl Basketball camp at the University of Minnesota, Morris PE Center.

"It was great to have a bunch of varsity boys at the Owl camp this year, said Jodi Holleman, camp director. "It proved a lot of competition for my girls' basketball team. The younger athletes worked a ton on dribbling and shooting, and overall everyone had a lot of fun."

The younger athletes conducted a decathlon, in which they were awarded points for various events. The winners were:


Boys: 1st - Kyle Fehr

2nd - Riley Braegelman

3rd - Miles Eble

4th - Gage Schmidgall

Girls: 1st - Madelyn Grove

2nd - Piper Swanson


Boys: 1st - Landon Schirm

2nd - Samuel Kleinwolterink

3rd - Payton Sterud

4th - Luke Joos

Girls: 1st - Sydney Petersen

2nd - Sydney Dietz

3rd - Bryn Brown

1st Grade

Boys: 1st - Preston Rohloff

2nd - Evan Hegland

3rd - Isaac Nienhaus

4th - Isaiah Flaten

Girls: 1st - Alexis Staples

2nd - Sydney Solvie

3rd - Karli Erickson

4th - Jenna Kannegiesser

2nd Grade

Boys: 1st - Eli Grove

2nd - Cade Fehr

3rd - Gideon Joos

4th - Parker Schmidgall

Girls: 1st - Sydney Gerdes

2nd - Kylie Swanson

3rd Grade

Boys: 1st - Connor Reese

2nd - Cole Reese

3rd - Bennett Nienhaus

4th - Camden Arndt

Girls: 1st - Jennifer Solvie

2nd - Liz Dietz

3rd - Grace Hegland and Isabel Schirm

4th - Mackenzie Petersen

4th Grade (Session 2)

Boys: 1st - Noah Kannegiesser

2nd - Tate Nelson

3rd - Chandler Vogel

4th - Isaac Gerdes

Girls: 1st - Jenna Howden

2nd - Karley Fehr

3rd - Jenna Larson

4th - Carley Wohlers

4th Grade (Session 3)

Boys: 1st - Mason Schmidgall

2nd - Zach Flaten

Girls: 1st - Auddy Sperr

2nd - Islande Sperr

5th Grade

Boys: 1st - Jacob Zosel

2nd - tyler Reese

3rd - Lukus Manska

4th - Cody Greiner

Girls: 1st - Ashley Solvie

2nd - Abbi Solvie

3rd - McKayla Peterson

4th - Nicole Solvie

6th Grade

Boys: 1st - Collin Brown

2nd - Cole Voorhees and Bryce Schmidgall

Girls: 1st - Cali Larson

2nd - Becca Holland

3rd - Kayla Crowell

4th - Brooke Jepma

7th Grade

Girls: 1st - Gabbi Nienhaus

8th Grade

Boys: 1st - Patrick Koehl

2nd - Taylor Holleman

3rd - Jerid Berning

4th - Ross Ascheman

Girls: 1st - Beth Holland

2nd - Sami Schmidgall

3rd - Kaitlin Vogel

4th - Karol Algarate

Session I

5-on-5 champs (Tues.): Kendra Schmidgall, Taylor Holleman, Brady Koehl, Danny Lonneman, Justin Miller, and Jordan Miller

Iowa champs (Wed.): Kendra Schmidgall, Jordan Miller, Jordan Burns, McKenzie Smith, and Gabbi Nienhaus

5-on-5 champs (Thurs.): Dylan Erickson, Aria Walstad, Shae Brown, Brady Koehl, Justin Miller, and Karol Algarate

Nebraska champs: Kaylee Voorhees, Jordan Burns, Courtney Greiner, Abby Ascheman, Michells Algarate, Brady Koehl, Kaitlin Vogel, Noah Grove and Karol Algarate


Most Improved: Morgan Nelson, Claire Spohr, Kali Berlinger

Dribble: Katelyn Jepma, Emma Middlendorf, Michaela Englund, Peyton Rohloff

Hustle: Austin Berlinger, Emma Nelson, Leandra Hormann

Owl Awards: Jordyn Sterud, Sean Cunningham, Chase Cunningham, Jackson Rohloff, Joseph Kleinwolterink, Tyler Braegelman, Ben Eble, and Eli Eble

Sportsmanship: Peyton Rohloff, Zach Flaten, Karli Erickson, Jackson Rohloff, Austin Berlinger, and Kaitlyn Jepma

Superstar: Tate Nelson, Landon Schirm, Bennett Nienhaus, Camden Arndt, Eli Grove, Becca Holland, Liz Dietz, Emma Nelson, and Kylie Swansen