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Hollemans play and coach in MN All-Star games

The Class A All-Star team had its hands full on Friday night at Macalester College when they were matched up against Class AAA. Class A came back from a 12 point deficit with 3:18 remaining to beat Class AAA 91-90 in the semifinal game. Coach Holleman called a time-out and set up a full-court press to bounce back into this game. Class A went on a 19-6 run over the last eight possessions as they converted on every chance they could. Bree Holleman of Hancock nailed three 3s during the stretch. With 34 seconds remaining and trailing by one (and a 30 second shot clock) Class A ran time off the clock and Katrina Newman scored the game winning lay up after Holleman penetrated and scored. This was the first time the 1As will be in the finals since 2005 when they won it all.

Class A Starters

31 Katrina Newman, Barnum - 29 points

3 Annessa Hicks, St. Paul Humboldt - 6 points

23 Sarah Myhre, Barnum - 9 points

24 Jade Pelzl, Rushford-Peterson - 10 points

25 Leah Nordvall, Barnum - 0

10 Bree Holleman, Hancock - 9 points

24 Megan Quiram, Cannon Valley Lutheran - 15 points

24 Adrianna Ivanovic, Bigfork - 4 points

5 Jessica Finck, Bertha-Hewitt - 9 points

MN All Star Series championship

AAAA 82, A 68

AAAA repeated as the All Star Series champions with an 82-68 win over a scrappy 1A squad. 4A led early 17-3, but the 1As would not go away. The undersized small school team used the three ball to climb their way back into the contest. They connected on nine 3s in the first half and did get as close as 23-20. By half time 4A led 43-33. The closest 1A got was 79-68 toward the end of the game. You take away the hole that 1A dug early (trailing 17-3) and they played 4A even the rest of the way as they lost by a total of 14 points! For the game 1A made 14 threes. The 4A player of the tournament is also the newly crowned Miss Basketball--Cassie Rochel of Lakeville North. She ended up with 12 points.

Again the 4As had balance and depth working in their favor. Jade Geif of Lakeville South was their top scorer with 14 points. Leading the 1As in scoring was Bree Holleman of Hancock with 13.


11 Tyisha Smith, Minneapolis South - 6

20 Megan Waytashek, Centennial - 9

10 Julia Dysthe, White Bear Lake - 10

22 Haley Thomforde, Eastview - 8

25 Brooke Brown, Chaska - 12

25 Molly Duehn, Burnsville - 9

43 Cassie Rochel, Lakeville North - 11

54 Miki Stephenson, Moorhead - 4

55 Jade Geif, Lakeville South - 13


3 Anessa Hicks, St. Paul Humboldt - 7

5 Jessica Finck, Bertha-Hewitt - 11

10 Bree Holleman, Hancock - 13

23 Sarah Myhre, Barnum - 3

24 Adrianna Ivanovic, Bigfork - 10

24 Megan Quiram, Cannon Valley Lutheran - 4

24 Jade Pelzl, Rushford-Peterson - 6

25 Leah Nordvall, Barnum - 2

31 Katrina Newman, Barnum - 12

MINNESOTA HOOPS "History in the Making" Basketball in the North Star State

In the finals, 1A surprised 4A by staying close, but 4A prevailed 82-68. For third place, 2A bounced back from a terrible thrashing the night before to beat 3A 89-70.

After the games Carissa Wolyniec of DeLaSalle won the 3 point shooting contest.

In the 1st round, 1A shocked 3A 91-90 and 4A hammered 2A 95-47 in the 1st round of the Minnesota Girls Coaches Association all-star series Friday night, April 16, at Macalester.


Bree Holleman, Hancock, A, Southwest State. Her mom, Class A coach, didn't start her daughter on Friday night, and gave a lot of minutes to her other guards. It almost cost 1A the game. But when crunch time came, Bree had to be on the court for A, and she was, and she along with Newman was the difference. She hadn't scored as of the 3:00 mark, but hit three 3s down the stretch. She broke down the 3A D and penetrated from the right wing to get the assist to Newman for the game-winning bucket. Along with the nine points, she finished with five rebounds, four assists and two steals. On Saturday, she scored 13 to lead 1A.

Best Coaching Job

I'm tempted to say Paul Goetz of 4A for having the audacity to put Rochel, Geif and 6'2" Moorhead post Miki Stephenson all out there at the same time, late on Friday. What was that about unless somebody wanted to test the sturdiness of the new Leonard Center floor. But the best coaching job was clearly that of Jodi Holleman of Hancock and Class A. She did her damnedest not to favor her own kid, at least on Friday, but in the end talent told the tale and Holleman did what she had to do to win. And did.