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Fargo driver Sather to appear on "Tyra Show" today

Tyra Banks gives Natalie Sather a makeover during an episode of the "Tyra Show" to air today. Michael Loccisano / Warner Bros.

Natalie Sather is used to getting downright dirty on the track in her sprint car, but today she'll show that she cleans up pretty well, too.

The Fargo driver will appear on today's "Tyra Show," and receive a makeover from supermodel host Tyra Banks.

"To go there and represent NASCAR, and to have them ask me to represent them there, that was a very good thing for me," Sather said. "And what girl is going to refuse to get their hair and makeup done?"

The episode will air at 3 p.m. today on the CW network.

Sather races for Sellers Racing in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. She competed in NASCAR's Drive For Diversity program last year.

The theme of the show is "Ty-Over Remix: Girl Power," where Banks will give makeovers to Sather, a couple of moms and a New York City woman who spent the last year on a farm.

Banks invited Sather to the show because she was looking for a young, successful woman working in a profession "that puts grease under her nails."

"I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. That's my normal attire, so this was something a little different," Sather said.

Banks did Sather's hair, and then she got her makeup professionally done and was outfitted in some chic new clothes.

"I'm used to talking about racing and hanging out in the garage with the guys. I'm definitely more of a tomboy," Sather said. "So for me to get into girly clothes, five-inch heels and a fancy, poofy jacket was something different, but it was fun.

"I have a couple of pairs of heels, but nothing that high."

"The Tyra Show" is heavy on image and self-worth for women, and Sather got a dose of that, too.

The makeover outfitted her in shorts, something Sather said she's not used to doing because of scars on her leg from multiple surgeries following a 2002 racing accident.

"I don't usually wear shorts because that's something I'm pretty self-conscious about," Sather said. "But part of this was overcoming those things within yourself.

"I'm still a beautiful person despite all of that."

Sather's not a total tomboy, as she was a former cheerleader and a runner-up at the Miss Teen North Dakota Pageant, but she's pretty much all racing now.

"I don't know how the show is going to turn out," Sather said with a laugh. "But it was fun. And it was a totally unforgettable experience."