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Hancock Junior varsity girls finish season with 19-2 record

Shae Brown reaches for a steal in girls basketball action at home.

By Kim Voorhees

For the Record

The Hancock girls basketball junior varsity team finished their season at Barnesville with a close win 31-28. The girls completed the 2010 season with a record of 19-2. The team goals for the season included teamwork and improvement with each game. During the season the JV Owls not only improved ball handling and shooting skills, they learned how to dominate the offense and execute plays to score against a man-to-man or zone defense. The teams also learned to use three different presses which thy all implemented in the last two minutes against Barnesville to pull off a close win.

The JV Owls dominated most teams, but pulled off three close wins during the season including two last second free throws by Tara Flaten to beat KMS, 30-29; a post player battle as Courtney Greiner rolled the ball to Shae Brown who scooped it up and shot a buzzer beater to win over Benson 52-50; and the season ending close game where Abby Ascheman scored two free throws to put the Owls ahead 29-28 in the last minute with two more free throws from Shae Brown and Illissa Koehl to win 31-28.

It was a thrilling season. More important than the winning record were all the accomplishments these players achieved as they developed strong basketball skills, gained confidence and determination to overcome frustration and above all else, learned the importance of teamwork and unity needed to achieve goals.

"I am very proud of all the skills these young players developed through the 2010 season," commented coach Kim Voorhees. The players included Abby Ascheman, Shae Brown, Olivia Koehl, Tara Flaten, Courtney Greiner, Serandon Bigalke, Sami Schmidgall, Karol Algarate and Taylor Mix. The team received assistance from Aria Walstad, Illissa Koehl, and Kendra Schmidgall.