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Owls up record with two wins

Is it going to drop? The players scrambled for the rebound as the ball bounced on the rim, before dropping through the net. The second free-throw by Brendon Foss with 14.5 seconds left in the game, along with a "freeze the shooter" timeout, put the Owls up 61-57 against Ortonville. This was good for the win with the final score standing at 61-59. Photo by Gregg Cunningham1 / 3
Nick Marczak applies the defensive pressure against an Ortonville player. Photo by Gregg Cunningham2 / 3
Drew Schmidgall scrambles for a lose ball against Underwood. The Owls played Underwood on Jan. 5 and came out victorious by a score of 76-55. Photo by Gregg Cunningham3 / 3