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Top 10 GBB teams from 2000-2008

Who are the Top 10 A MN Teams in the 2000s?

In class A a program may be hot for a certain class, but then fade quickly from view. There are teams that have won state titles, but aren't on the list because other years were just the opposite. It takes a remarkably consistent program to stay at the top for so long with fewer numbers to pick from.

Another factor in this list---only teams that were class A in 2009 were eligible. There was one exception----and they didn't make the list. Elgin-Millivlle was A until they merged with Plainview. That grouping is now AA. However I used the EM plus the PEM after the merger. On the flip side another program that merged Cedar Mountain-Comfrey. There I used both Cedar Mountain and Comfrey plus the CMC joint venture in figuring out their winning percentage. Again they didn't make the list.

10. Adrian 182-77 .703. The Dragons made the state tournament for the first time this year. They have had five 20 win years and only one losing season in the last 10. Sam Lynn was the guard on this year's team.

9. Fosston 200-84 .704. In the early part of this decade Fosston was the force in class A. They had five trips to the state in first seven years and won three titles with 2000, 01 and 03. The Greyhounds also finished second in 2006. Since that time the bottom has dropped out and they have had single digit winning years. Gopher Kelly Roysland was the driving force behind the state championship years. Kayla Bagaason (North Dakota) was a shooter in the later stages of those state tournament runs. Without the last three years their 7 year (2000-06) winning percentage is .894, the best of any program in the state.

8. Badger-Greenbush-Middle River 200-80 .714. Another power team of section 8 BGMR made the state tournament in 2007. They never did get over the hump with Kierah Kimbrough (North Dakota). Kimbrough holds the single season ppg average (no it is NOT Tayler Hill) 34.1.

7. Hancock 181-71 .718. The Owls made the state tournament twice in the 2000s with the 2007 team finishing second. Bree Holleman, the coaches daughter, was part of the late decade success for Hancock. The Owls had five 20 win years and two losing seasons in the last 10. Courtney Brewer and JoLynn Thielke were big parts of the early Hancock success in the decade.

6. West Lutheran 195-75 .722. West Lutheran is looking for their first trip to the state tournament. They have been consistent throughout the decade with five 20 win seasons and only one losing season. They have had the misfortune to run into teams like Meadow Creek and New Life on their tournament runs.

5. Battle Lake 187-60 .757. This is another team that never made the tournament. But this is the first team that hasn't had a losing record. (there will be three more). The Battlers were undefeated last year up until their loss to Ashby in the Section 6 tournament.

4. Granada-Huntley-East Chain 189-59 .765. GHEC has made the tournament twice in the last 10 years and finished second in 2006. They too have had 10 winning seasons with five 20 win years. In fact they only have had one year with double digit losses and that was in 2000.

3. Fulda 212-63 .771. The Raiders captured two titles back to back on the backs of the Kramers (Kaitlyn-Dakota State and Laura -SW MN State) in 2006 and 07. Fulda made the tournament four years during the decade with six 20 win years and no losing seasons. Sisters have been important at Fulda. The Oaklands were leaders in the early part of the decade. Other sisters and family names include the Gunderman and Raddles.

2. Kittson County Central 220-59 .789. This is a team that has since paired. In the early portion of the decade they were known as Kittson Central. KC won the state title in 2002 breaking Fosston's could have been run of four straight titles. Coach Carol Visness won over 500 games during her tenure. Her daughters Karie and Lori were important parts of the state title team. The Wolfpack (then) also made the tournament in 2004. Ashley Langen (North Dakota) was a force in the middle during these years. Another of the section 8 powers along with Fosston and BGMR, KCC had eight 20 win years and only one losing season.

1. Barnum 250-42 .856. The Bombers lead the way with eight 20 win years and no losing seasons in the past 10. Barnum has been to the big show five years and is still looking for a championship. The closest Barnum got was in 2008 with second place. Justine Axtell (UM Duluth), Colleen McKay (Bemidji State) and Meghan Myhre have continued their basketball careers. Katrina Newman hopes to put the Bombers over the edge next year. Coach Randy Myhre has over 500 wins during his career.