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Nine seniors on Hancock FB team

The Hancock Owl football team has started the season off 0-4, after losing to Bertha-Hewitt, Wheaton, CAHN, and CGB. The Owls have nine seniors on their football team. Here are some of their feelings on the season so far. First time varsity Owl, Jason Schaefer, said that he "is enjoying the season despite the losing streak."

The other seniors said that they have mixed feelings on their last year of football because they are having fun, but it's frustrating when you can't get a win or put points on the board.

The Owls told us that their biggest rival is CAHN, this is because they are located so close to our school. Even though CAHN is a small team they always seem to beat us no matter what.

The seniors also said that the season is not turning out the way they thought it would. They stated that they thought they would have more wins. The senior Owls hope that you can make it to their upcoming football games.