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Hancock Junior High football team defeats Chokio-Alberta in home opener

by Coach Cory Bedel

Hancock's first touchdown came in the first quarter with a 13 yard touchdown run by Quarterback Taylor Holleman on a bootleg. Taylor then scored on a 2 yard quarterback sneak in the second quarter giving him his 2nd touchdown of the game. The Owls went for a 2 point conversion and converted with Taylor Holleman connecting with Jerid Berning making the score 14-0. Also in the 2nd quarter Taylor Holleman scored again on a 19 yard scramble. The Owls went for 2 more points and scored with Taylor connecting with Jerid on a pass making the score 22-0 at half-time.

In the 3rd quarter Hancock scored with Taylor Holleman connecting on a 31 yard pass to Patrick Koehl allowing Patrick to score the touchdown. In the fourth quarter Philip Schaefer scored on a 2 yard quarterback sneak making the final score 34-0.

Both the offensive line and defensive line did a great job making holes for the running backs and getting penetration on C-A. Defensively the team did a great job tackling with Philip Schaefer having 2 solo tackles and 3 assists, Logan Kisgen having 2 assists, Cody Johnson with 1 assist, Patrick Koehl having 2 solo tackles and 1 assist, Brandon Shaw had 2 assists, Adam Sanders had 1 assist, Taylor Holleman having 1 solo tackle and 3 assists and an interception, Brendan Jensen having 4 assists, Jerid Berning having 2 solo tackles and 1 assist, Will Osterman with 4 assists, Anthony Koehl with 1 solo and 3 assists and Ross Ascheman having a spectacular game with 6 solo tackles and 4 assists.

This year's Junior High football team consists of Logan Kisgen, Philip Schaefer, Brendan Jensen, Will Osterman, Anthony Koehl, Caleb Bitter, Josh Thompson, Brandon Shaw, Taylor Holleman, Cody Johnson, Patrick Koehl, Jerid Berning, Ross Ascheman and Adam Sanders.

This year the Hancock Co-op is sponsoring an offensive lineman of the game and a defensive lineman of the game. Also, Coach Bedel is awarding 1 offensive and 1 defensive player of the game. This games winners for Hancock Co-op offensive line player goes to Jerid Berning who did a great job blocking for both the runningbacks and quarterback and converting on 2 two point conversion receptions, and the Hancock Co-op defensive line player goes to Ross Ascheman with 6 solo tackles and 4 assists. Coach Bedel gave offensive player of the game to Taylor Holleman who had a spectacular game with 3 rushing touchdowns and 1 passing touchdown and defensive player to Philip Schaefer who added 2 solo tackles and 3 assists.