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K.Schmidgall, B. Holleman recognized

The Minnesota Volleyball Breakdown magazine recently released a list of the top volleyball players in the state. On the list of the 70 top seniors was Bree Holleman from Hancock and on the list of the top 50 juniors is Kendra Schmidgall.

About Bree the magazine said: "Holleman, a 5-8 outside hitter, is also a star basketball player for the Owls. But in the fall, she's the anchor of Hancock's tough volleyball team as their best all-around player. Last year, she was named team MVP and All-Pheasant Conference and piled up 217 kills and 205 digs." The magazine also quoted Coach Kristi Fehr in regard to Bree: "Very athletic, strong and smart hitter. She's also the team's best passer and server."

In a short article about Kendra the magazine wrote "Schmidgall, a 5-11 sophomore hitter, is already a two-time All-Pheasant Conference pick and racked up big totals of 179 kills, 51 blocks, 23 aces and 131 digs as a freshman. She's a key member of the Owls strong front line and has started since her 8th grade year.

Coach Fehr added "Athletic, strong and explosive hitter. She is a very coachable athlete with a great work ethic. She developed herself into an all-around player last year and is a two-year All-Conference player. We will be looking for her to gain the confidence to be one of the go-to players this year."

Breakdown also asked Kendra to respond to some questions:

Breakdown: How did you get started playing volleyball? Do you have any older siblings/parents who have also played?

Schmidgall: A friend encouraged me to do a camp when I was in fourth grade and I immediately loved the game.

Breakdown: What kind of training do you do for volleyball both in- and off-season?

Schmidgall: Summer leagues and camps. I play basketball and softball also to stay in shape.

Breakdown: Tell me about the outlook for your team this year. Why will you have such a good season?

Schmidgall: We have a lot of experienced players coming back this year. We have a good work ethic and play together as a team.

Breakdown: What is your favorite moment playing volleyball? And what is the best thing about playing high school volleyball?

Schmidgall: Getting first place as a team in a summer league. It's fun to work with all your friends. Our small school makes us seem like a family.