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Season wraps up for 9F Trap League

The 2009 season of trap shooting recently concluded at the 9F Club in Morris.

The regular-season champion was the Moose Island Raiders. In second place, trailing by only two points, was the Alberta Bar and Grill.

The Shoot-Off champion was Superior Firepower.

Mark Holslin was the High Average shooter with a 24.5 (out of a possible 25).

Holslin also had the only 100 straight of the season.

Mike McDonnell joined Holslin in the 75-straight category.

A 50 straight was shot by Holslin, Gary Smith, Ryan Smith, DeWayne Greiner, Jared Brandt, and McDonnell.

A score of 25 straight was recorded by Mike Touhey (3), Jim VanAlstine, Ron Bouressa (2), Brandt (2), McDonnell, Steve Albrecht, Shannon Earley, Carl Smith, Larry Ascheman, Steve Mullins, Rob Kloos, Kyle Rose, Chris Sell, Josh Boardman, Rod Koehler, Matt Christiansen, John Lembcke, Mike Olson, Ryan Smith, and Holslin.

The Protection Shoot winners were Steve Mullins and DeWayne Greiner.