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Three Hancock Owls compete in Pacesetter Elite Camp

The Minnesota Basketball News Girls Top 100 Expo Showcase ran from Tuesday, July 7, and continued through Thursday, July 9. This event was sanctioned by the NCAA this year. Over 90 girls attended this camp, so there was 12 teams playing with three games in progress during all game times. All teams were coached by college coaches. Steve Hucke, Rochester CTC, was the coordinator, and Jeff McCarron, MBBN, was the director. Hucke's team won the 2009 NJCAA D3 national title last year.

Bree Holleman, Kendra Schmidgall, and Lindsie Cunningham were selected to participate in this elite camp. The Lady Owls were combined with the gals from Bigfork and their team name was UCON.

Sports Editor Kevin J. Anderson was courtside and reported on the first game which matched up UCONN and Louisville as follows:

Top 100 Expo Showcase at St. Cloud



In the opening game of the Top 100 Showcase it was UConn over Louisville 85-70. UConn trailed after one quarter 18-13, but soon found their groove with 74 points the last three quarters. UConn had a heavy dose of Hancock and Bigfork players. Louisville's main contingent was from RTR. Both teams had a heavy dose of Class A: 93% of the players were from the smallest class.

Bree Holleman and Megan Powell each had 22 points for UConn. Louisville's Megan Strese led all scorers with 26 points.

Both teams combined had 16 3s. UConn had five players that delivered from beyond the arc, Louisville had four.


player, school, year, points, possessions, pp100, floor %

Kim Storey, St. Charles, 2010 4, 7, 57.1, .286

Bree Holleman, Hancock, 2010 22, 16, 137.5, .625

Megan Powell, Bigfork, 2010 22, 18, 122.2, .556

Adrianna Ivanovich, Bigfork, 2010 11, 15, 73.3, .267

Kendra Schmidgall, Hancock, 2012 15, 13 ,115.4, .538


Theresa Stewart, Bigfork, 2010 10, 15, 66,7, .333

Lindsie Cunningham, Hancock, 2010, 1, 3, 33.3, .333


player, school, year, points, possessions, pp100, floor %

Jade Possail, RTR, 2010 9, 10, 90.0, .400

Megan Strese, Brandon-Evansville, 2010 26, 25, 104.0, .480

Jada Minett, RTR, 2010 4, 10, 40.0, .200

Casey Thooft, RTR, 2010 6, 10, 60.0, .200

Jenna Lundon, Waubun, 2012 13, 15, 86.7, .400


Erin Jasken, Waubun 2011, 6, 6, 100.0, .500

Heather Strese, Brandon-Evansville, 2012 6, 9, 66.7, .333


Bree Holleman



Adrianna Ivanovich 17.5

Kendra Schmidgall 11

Bree Holleman 8.5

Megan Powell 6

Theresa Stewart 3

Kim Storey 1

Lindsie Cunningham 1

totals: 48


Megan Strese 8

Jenna Lundon 8

Jada Minett 5

Casey Thooft 5

Heather Strese 5

Jade Possail 4

Erin Jasken 3

totals: 37



Bree Holleman 11

Adrianna Ivanovich 7

Lindsie Cunningham 6

Megan Powell 4

Kim Storey 2

Kendra Schmidgall 2

totals: 32


Casey Thooft 9

Jade Possail 4

Heather Strese 3

Jada Minnett 2

Erin Jasken 2

Jenna Lundon 2

totals: 22

UCONN finished #1 in their division and played for the Championship on Thursday against Arizona State. Comments by Kevin J. Anderson were as follows:


Arizona State wrapped up the Top 100 Showcase undefeated with a 72-65 win over UConn. UConn only had one loss in the tournament---a one point overtime loss prior to the championship. This game could have been retitled the Battle of the Brees, or the Winds of Brees as both squads point guards were named Bree. Bree Woelber of Pipestone led Arizona State while Bree Holleman of Hancock led UConn. Holleman outscored Woelber 11-9. Both had 10 or more assists. In fact Woelber missed a triple double by that one point. She had 10 assists and 10 d stops. After the game I was notified that BW had a pulled groin in the first quarter, but battled through the pain. It slowed down her explosiveness, but her presence kept the well oiled ASU team on top.

The upper hand belonged to UConn in the first quarter. They had their biggest lead at 6 points. Leading the charge was Adrianna Ivanovich who had 10 points in every way possible---3s, &1s, put backs, drives. At the end of the first quarter UConn led 22-18. It was sister Brooke Woelber that gave ASU their first lead at 27-25 with a pair of free throws. Ivanovich scored the next four points and UConn was back in front 29-27. By half the game was knotted up at 40 all.

The tide definetly turned at the beginning of the third quarter. UConn suffered through a nine possession drought while ASU added nine to their total. The tables flipped in the last 4:30 of the third quarter when UConn outscored ASU 11-3. Once again it was Ivanovich spearheading the charge with six points including a trey to get things rolling. ASU led 53-51 heading into the last nine minutes.

Leah Nordvall kicked off the fourth with a three from the left wing for ASU. Once again UConn had a miserable start to the quarter with five empty trips. Most of the quarter ASU led between 7 and 9 points. UConn made a late push scoring four times in five possessions capped by a lay up by Holleman to make it 68-65 with under 30 seconds left. That was the end of the scoring for UConn however. ASU closed out the camp with three straight trips to the line.


Paige Beseman, Little Falls 21, 24, 87.5, .458 second 20 point performance that I saw from her. went to the line five times. recipient of many Bree Woelber passes. pp100 would have been better, but had 9 turnovers. Megan Voss, Little Falls 11, 10, 110.0, .600 quiet first half. all 7 second half points came at the line. Bree Woelber, Pipestone 8, 13, 61.5, .308 again looked to get the ball up court as quickly as possible. sees things early. Gets the ball ahead of the defense. good awareness. listed at 5-10 and can see over the top of traps. flirts with triple doubles. good athlete. Jumps center and was in the state track meet in the hurdles. Abby Ray, Two Harbors 12, 7, 171.4, .571 built like a post, but prefers to shoot 3s. has a knee brace. Brooke Woelber, Pipestone 12, 13, 92.3, .538 perimeter. strong. gets after balls. had double/double with d wraps. BENCH Leah Nordvall, Barnum 7, 9, 77.8, .333 guard. made two 3s. Jordan Spaulding, Paynesville 0, 1, 0.0, .000 limited touches.


Adrianna Ivanovich, Bigfork 27, 22, 122.7, .545 knows one way to play and that is all out. thrives on contact. Seemingly in every play. does what it takes. Bree Holleman, Hancock 11, 16, 68.8, .313 3 shot wasn't falling after the one in the first quarter. led both teams in assists/distributions. Megan Powell, Bigfork, 13, 17, 76.5, .353 also cut in the relentless style like Ivanovich. Kendra Schmidgall, Hancock 5, 11, 45.5, .182 would like to be on the 3 line. Kim Storey, St. Charles 2, 4, 50.0, .250 guard. BENCH Theresa Stewart, Bigfork 4, 5, 80.0, .400 steady Lindsie Cunningham, Hancock 3, 2, 150.0, .500 needs to be more selfish.


Bree Woelber


Arizona State 72, 77, 92.2, .455

UConn 65, 77, 84.4, .377

made 3s/&1s: UConn 7/1; AS 3/0

ftm/fta-ft%: AS 19/35-.543; UConn 8/13-.615

turnovers: AS 18, UConn 15

bench: AS 7, UConn 7



Bree Woelber 10

Brooke Woelber 10

Megan Voss 7

Abby Ray 4

Leah Nordvall 3

Paige Beseman 3

totals: 37


Adrianna Ivanovich 8.5

Megan Powell 7.5

Bree Holleman 7

Kendra Schmidgall 5

Theresa Stewart 3

Kim Storey 3

totals: 34



Bree Woelber 10

Leah Nordvall 5

Brooke Woelber 4

Megan Voss 2

Paige Beseman 1

Abby Ray 1

totals: 23


Bree Holleman 12

Megan Powell 6

Theresa Stewart 3

Lindsie Cunningham 1

totals: 22

Bree Holleman was named to the All-Star team at the Awards Ceremony.