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Lady Owls compete in Alex BB League

This is the first year that the Lady Owls have had two teams participating in the Alexandria Girls Varsity Basketball League. Hancock girls move back and forth between the teams trying to gain the most experience. League play began on June 8 and completed on July 6.

In the opening week Hancock II was matched up against Bertha-Hewitt and lost 1-2. See the Hancock Record for game stats.

Hancock I also played against Bertha-Hewitt and lost 0-3 with scores of 12-28, 3-29 and 7-25. Courtney Greiner led the scoring with 7 pts. followed by Olivia Koehl with 6, Shae Brown with 5, Serandon Bigalke with 4 and Abby Ascheman with 1.

Also on June 8 Hancock II defeated Minnewaska 3-0 with scores of 23-12, 19-7 and 25-7.

The second week of action, June 15, Hancock I defeated Osakis with scores of 9-7, 14-14 and 15-0 (Overall 38-31). In this game Lindsie Cunningham hit three treys in the second game to come back from behind. Courtney Greiner pulled down an impressive 9 rebounds while Aria Walstad pulled down 7 boards. Shae Brown led the team in assists with four.

In the second game, Hancock I defeated Brandon-Evansville 3-0 with scores of 19-11, 11-8, and 7-4 (Overall 37-23). Lindsie and Aria showed a lot of leadership in this game.

Also on June 15 Hancock II lost 1-2 to a very physical Sauk Centre II team with scores of 16-13, 19-21 and 9-24.

On June 22 Hancock II defeated Browerville 3-0 with scores of 16-10, 22-20 and 19-12 (Overall 57-42). Hancock I lost to Browerville 1-2 with scores of 18-8, 12-18 and 18-23 (Overall 48-49). Hancock II defeated Osakis 2-1 with scores of 17-12, 15-14 and 3-7 (35-33). Hancock I went 0-2-1 with Sauk Centre I with scores of 17-17, 12-23 and 4-18.

On June 29 Hancock I defeated Long Prairie/ Grey Eagle 2-1 with scores of 11-18, 21-13 and 13-10 (45-41). Hancock II also defeated Sauk Centre I 2-1 with scores of 19-13, 23-12 and 16-18 (58-43). Also on June 29 Hancock II lost 0-2-1 to Brandon-Evansville with scores of 13-13, 11-17 and 23-24 (47-54). Hancock I then lost to Sauk Centre II 0-3 with scores of 10-20, 8-23 and 17-22. "I was really proud of how hard the girls fought back in game #3 as this was a lot of games in one night," explained Coach Holleman.

Kendra Schmidgall led the scoring with 8 pts, Shae Brown followed with 5 pts, Courtney Greiner, 4 pts, Abby Ascheman 3 pts and Olivia Koehl 3 pts. Olivia led the rebounding with five. Sami Schmidgall got into the game and played excellent defense.

On July 6, Hancock II defeated LPGE 3-0 with scores of 23-8, 29-9 and 23-16 (75-33). Hancock I lost to a very good Alex team losing 0-3 with scores of 10-16, 8-28 and 4-25. Alex plays outstanding defense. Olivia led the scoring with 5 pts, Shae and Tara scored 4 pts each while Courtney pulled down 8 rebounds.

Playoffs were scheduled for July 13.