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VFW wraps up season, heads into playoffs

The Morris VFW baseball team wrapped up the regular season Tuesday. They finished with a 10-7 overall record, going 6-4 in league play.

    As the No. 5 seed, Morris will open the District Tournament at No. 4 Benson on Tuesday. The tournament continues at New London-Spicer next weekend.

    “We have spoken about playing our best baseball at the end of the year heading into the district tournament,” said coach Brock Pashen.

Morris 8, Willmar I 4

    Comments from coach Pashen: Noah was in control throughout the game scattering eight hits and allowing only two earned runs. Our first three hitters of Grove, Biesterfeld, and Brady Jergenson set the tone for our lineup going a combined 7-11 and scoring seven of our runs.

    Hitting: Noah Grove 3-4, 2 2b; Riley Biesterfeld 3-3, 2b; Jase Wilts 2-4; Bo Gullickson 1-3

    Pitching: (ip-h-er-bb-so) Grove (W)  7-8-2-4-7

Minnewaska 10, Morris 4

    Comments: Riley held down a potent Waska offense through five innings, but they blooped their way to 10 runs. It was a much closer game than the score shows as we hit the ball harder, but it was just right to the Waska defenders and to their credit they made the tough plays.

    Hitting: Noah Grove 1-4; Brady Jergenson 1-4; Jase Wilts 1-3; Bo Gullickson 2-3; Seth Staples 1-2; Sean Amundson 1-3

    Pitching: Riley Biesterfeld (L) 5.2-8-6-1-8; Seth Staples 1.1-3-2-1-1

Morris 5, LQPV 2

    Comments: With only two hits we capitalized on four LQPV errors and five free passes issued by the LQPV pitching staff. Brady Jergenson continued our streak of good pitching after getting off to a rocky start and settling in for a fine performance. A good close win with our defense playing a big part as we committed zero errors.

    Hitting: Riley Biesterfeld 1-2; Sean Amundson 1-2

    Pitching: Brady Jergenson (W) 6-7-2-6-6; Riley Biesterfeld (S) 1-0-0-0-1

Morris 4, LQPV 1

    Hitting: Bo Olson 1-3; Sean Amundson 2-2; Joey Dufault 1-2, 2b

    Pitching: Joey Dufault (W) 3-3-1-2-1; Bo Gullickson 2-0-0-0-4

New London-Spicer 2, Morris 1

(11 innings)

    Comments: We had several chances to score in this game, but made too many baserunning and mental mistakes. We were unable to execute late in the game despite multiple chances to come away with the victory. If we did not get the pitching performances from Riley and Bo, the game wouldn’t have been nearly as close as it was.

    Hitting: Riley Biesterfeld 2-5; Sean Amundson 2-4; Bo Gullickson 1-4; Seth Staples 1-5, 2b; Jarid Anderson 1-5, 2b; Mitch Torgerson 1-4

    Pitching: Riley Biesterfeld 7-5-1-1-7; Bo Gullickson (L) 4-4-1-2-3

Morris 6, Ortonville 5

    Comments: This was a great team win with only nine players. We had several kids out of position, but still played good defense with only the two errors. Everyone contributed offensively as seven starters had hits and eight guys reached base at some point.

    Hitting: Joey Dufault 1-4; Bo Gullickson 1-4; Brady Jergenson 1-2; Seth Staples 1-4; Nic Solvie 1-2; Jase Wilts 1-1; Jon Huebner 2-3

    Pitching: Bo Gullickson 2-2-1-4-3; Robert Rohloff (W) 3-5-1-2-2; Seth Staples (S) 2-1-0-0-0

Morris 4, Alex 15s 3

    Comments: After putting up three runs in the first, we only had one other hit until the bottom of the seventh. Joey Dufault ended up scoring the winning run on a wild pitch after back-to-back singles by Huebner and Rohloff. We continue to get consistent pitching from our pitching staff.

    Hitting: Sean Amundson 1-3; Brady Jergenson 1-2, 2b; Bo Gullickson 1-3; Joey Dufault 1-3; Nic Solvie 1-2; Jon Huebner 1-1; Robert Rohloff 1-2

    Pitching: Riley Biesterfeld 6-4-1-6-1; Seth Staples (W) 1-0-0-0-1

Morris 4, Alex 15s 3

    Comments: Joey threw a great game consistently getting ahead and being around the strike zone. A key play in the game came in the third as Mitch Torgerson ended a possible rally by ending the inning by throwing out the runner at the plate from left field.

    Hitting: Jase Wilts 1-3; Joey Dufault 2-3; Jarid Anderson 1-2; Nic Solvie 1-2; Riley Biesterfeld 1-1; Bo Gullickson 1-1

    Pitching: Joey Dufault (W) 5-5-3-3-5

Benson 4, Morris 3

    Comments: A tight game throughout and we had a guy on third with one out and were unable to get him in. The final out came with a high drive to center that ended up with the center fielder making a “Willie Mays” catch to end the game.

    Hitting: Sean Amundson 1-2; Noah Grove 1-3; Seth Staples 1-2, 2b; Jon Huebner 1-1

    Pitching: Seth Staples (L) 6.2-7-3-3-4; Noah Grove .1-1-0-0-0

Morris 10, Benson 3

    Hitting: Riley Biesterfeld 1-2; Mitch Torgerson 1-3; Noah Grove 1-3; Sean Amundson 1-2; Jarid Anderson 2-3, 2b; Robert Rohloff 3-3, 2-2b

    Pitching: Noah Grove (W) 3-2-2-2-5; Robert Rohloff 2-1-0-4-4



Minnewaska 10, Morris 0

    Comments: We came out flat and were no-hit by Waska’s pitcher. We struck out nine times in the five-inning game and hit only one ball out of the infield.

    Hitting: None

    Pitching: Seth Staples (L) 3.1-6-5-2-1; Mitch Torgerson 1.2-4-4-3-2

Albany 8, Morris 0

    Comments: We were done in by six Albany runs in the second and third innings that we were unable to come back from. Our bats were quieted by the Albany lefty who kept us off balance all game.

    Hitting: Riley Biesterfeld 1-3; Sean Amundson 1-2; Noah Grove 1-3; Mitch Torgerson 1-2

    Pitching: Robert Rohloff (L) 3-7-4-3-0; Mitch Torgerson 3-2-0-0-1

Morris 10, Montevideo 0

    Comments: After being shut out twice in the day we busted out for 10 runs and every starter getting a base hit was good to see. Another fine outing from Riley Biesterfeld and Brady Jergenson continues to throw out potential base stealers.

    Hitting: Riley Biesterfeld 1-4; Sean Amundson 2-4; Noah Grove 1-3; Brady Jergenson 1-2;  Seth Staples 1-2; Bo Gullickson 1-3; Jase Wilts 1-2; Joey Dufault 1-3; Phil Messner 1-3

    Pitchers: Riley Biesterfeld (W) 5-4-0-2-4

Alex 16s 17, Morris 9

    Comments: We got off to a good start putting up two runs in each of the first two innings, but in the end were our own worst enemies as we committed five errors and hit three batters to go along with our four walks that we issued. It was good to see us put some good at bats together against a good pitcher after struggling at the plate in the Minnewaska Tournament.

    Hitting: Riley Biesterfeld 1-4; Sean Amundson 1-3; Noah Grove 2-3, 2b; Brady Jergenson 1-2; Bo Gullickson 2-3, 2b; Seth Staples 1-3, 2b; Jon Huebner 1-3

    Pitching: Noah Grove (L) 2-6-4-2-0; Sean Amundson 1.2-7-2-2-2; Mitch Torgerson .1 inning

Morris 5, Alex 16s 2

    Comments: It was a good win against a good team as Alex came into this second game owning a 30-9 win-loss record. With this win we get a little momentum heading into the playoffs.

    Hitting: Jarid Anderson 1-3; Joey Dufault 1-2; Nic Solvie 2-2; Phil Messner 1-3

    Pitching: Joey Dufault (W) 5-4-2-3-5