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Talking it Over: Paying to hear music

I like music just like most people, but I just can’t understand paying a lot of money to listen to it. I hear about people going to concerts, shows and performances that cost lots of money and I wonder why they don’t just listen to it on the radio or buy the CD.

Through the years I have attended a few concerts and it was kind of thrilling to see the performers in person. However, you were usually shoved around, placed in seats that hindered your view and unable to hear most of the songs due to the noise of the crowd. Some of these performances left me feeling like I had wasted my money.

I recall a few that I did enjoy, usually when we had good seats. I was once able to attend a concert put on by Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash. It was thrilling to see the interaction between the two and hear the beautiful music they made together. I also enjoyed some shows that I saw at county fairs put on by the Statler Brothers and Oak Ridge Boys. Maybe I liked these because the tickets didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

During some of our trips to Las Vegas, I have checked into going to a show or two. I am astounded by how much it costs to see these famous entertainers. Some of the lowest priced seats go for well over $100 and these are usually early in the day or late at night. Not prime time. Even here in Minnesota, the tickets to see a popular band or entertainer can cost you a great deal plus the costs to travel there, stay overnight and eat out.

If you get away from Vegas, casinos can be the lowest priced venues to see entertainers. Some of the casinos in Minnesota often host popular entertainers and the tickets are pretty reasonable. Several years ago I was thrilled to once again attend a show by the Oak Ridge Boys in Laughlin, Nev. The tickets were very cheap and we nearly had front row seats. Later, I was even able to ride up in the elevator with one of the singers.

I imagine attending these concerts is something that many people do as their mode of entertainment and even mini vacation. It just is not for me. I would rather turn on the radio or go buy a CD, listen to it in a comfortable environment, and save my money for things that I term as “fun.”