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Talking it Over: Why God made grandchildren

There is a special day in September that is not widely observed. Grandparents Day is probably a day designated by greeting card companies but not often celebrated. Grandparents are honored on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so they really don’t need a special day of their own.

My thoughts about Grandparents Day are that it should be a celebration for grandchildren and their relationship with their grandparents. This led me to come up with a list of why I think God made grandchildren, a special gift to grandparents.

1. The most obvious reason for grandchildren is to keep the population growing and for life to go on from generation to generation. In this respect the role of the grandparent is to pass along as much knowledge and history as possible for the grandchildren to carry forward.

2. Grandchildren help grandparents stay in shape. After spending just a day or two with my grandchildren, I have aches and pains in muscles that I hadn’t felt for a long time. The up and down, bending and twisting, running and playing, help us get exercise that is badly needed.

3. Grandchildren give you stories to share for hours on end. A gathering of a group of grandparents is filled with sharing of pictures, anecdotes and funny things that the grandchildren say and do.

4. Grandchildren are a huge source of pride. We can follow them through programs, concerts, ball games, recitals and any number of other events just bursting with pride over their accomplishments.

5. Grandchildren can make you smile after a very hard day. They can make you forget about your problems and be thankful for the little things in life. They are so appreciative of even the smallest things that it is humbling for us to expect more.

6. Grandchildren give us a reason to go on. When our children move on and start to lead a life of their own, we can sometimes feel useless or not needed. Then along come the grandchildren who quite often make you feel like you are the most important person in the world and they simply can’t live without you.

7. Grandchildren keep you current on the latest in fashion, trends, music, television and movies. I now know who SpongeBob and Dora are from watching cartoons. I also have had to sit through many Disney movies (which I admit are quite fun to watch) and listen to music that doesn’t always appeal to me.

8. Grandchildren bring us back to our teenage years. So many of the fashions from yesterday come back during the days of our grandchildren only with different names. The bell bottoms, peddle-pushers and go-go boots of our day are now flairs, capris and tall boots. There are also a few new trends that are kind of hard to understand but we remember when our own fashion statements weren’t always that popular.

9.  Grandchildren give us an avenue to share our many stories. They love to hear about the funny, crazy, spooky, and kooky things we did when we were young.

10. But most of all, God gave us grandchildren for all the hugs, kisses and unconditional love they give to their grandparents. That is the best gift of all for each Grandparent’s Day that comes along.