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Letter to the editor: Address changes are expensive

To the editor:

The city council recently approved the changing of Brook Street (area east running from Sky View Lane to Blue Bird Court) to East Brook Avenue. This will mean we all will have to change our addresses.

Just for the driver's license change, that will be $14.75. I count at least 11 homes, and maybe two more are on Brook St. which are affected. That is over $150 we'll have to spend.

The city says, "sorry," not our fault; the county wants it done. Says part of the street runs like an avenue, so we need to name it an avenue. If you look at it, nearly half runs as streets run. Also we have courts and lanes here.

Just thought when time comes, maybe a story on the hassle it is causing, as someone did not plan in the past. Yes, dumb as Brook Street starts for a few blocks, and then stops and starts up again. Why did the street get a different name, or why did the planners allow a house where the street would go through?

Ted Storck,