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Letter to the editor: Stop the Jake brakes

To the editor:

Truckers: Can you avoid using your compression brake (Jake brake) on the Highway 59 bypass in Morris from just north of Green River Road to southwest of where the bypass goes over Highway nine?

These compression brakes are designed for mountain driving, not to save brakes on a nearly flat highway.

There are lots of homes along that bypass with people who really don't care for that extra noise.

In fact, we really don't care for the noise from loud cars, loud pickups and loud motorcycles anywhere. There is a law against excessive noise, and some of you, whether it is a truck, car, pickup or motorcycle, seem to enjoy making noise.

I asked the city manager and city council a few years ago to request the highway department to erect signs along the bypass, as many cities do, to restrict the use of such brakes, but it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Ted Storck