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Letter to the editor: Plan needs to preserve trees

To the editor:

The Morris City Council recently approved a plan that would largely clear-cut the natural landscape around the Green River waterway as part of flood prevention and soil retention efforts. I applaud the city for taking action to preserve homes in this area.

Larger culverts will also be installed at several junctures to carry the water safely away in the event of major rain storms. No one wants a wet basement, myself included. I live in the affected area and often worry when the creek beside our home swells close to its bank. At the same time, however, this natural and largely wooded waterway from Lake Crystal is also a peaceful gem, home to animals and birds as well as adventurous children who enjoy exploring its natural wonder. Although this land borders our home it benefits all of Morris.

And here's the kicker; it doesn't have to be sacrificed for the project. Sure, some trees have to be removed because they are in the waterway or near a culvert, and some channel work probably needs to be done for water flow, but all in all the plan as approved is largely insensitive or unmindful about the environment. Here's hoping the city honors its promise to work with concerned local citizens and experts to tweak the plan to reduce its impact, where practical, on this beautiful area.

Peter Bremer