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Letter to the editor: Trump fearless; proven ability

To the editor:

After reading the article in the Record making comparisons between Trump and Nixon, then reading the letter to the editor in the Morris Tribune about borders, I would like to comment on both together.

I voted for Trump, not because he "was" the perfect person for the job. I didn't vote for him for his marriage counselor ability, or that I thought he would act presidential. I'm not even convinced that he will act in my best interest concerning agriculture.

I voted for Donald J. Trump because I was convinced that he will surround himself with successful people. His VP pick, his future cabinet, and various advisors are going to help him grow into the presidential leader that we desperately need. None of the other candidates came close to having the mental toughness that this job is going to require.

Trump has complete fearlessness, which we haven't seen since Reagan. He has a proven ability to negotiate the tough deals and not bow down to anyone. Best of all he sees the need to strengthen our national security at home first. For once we come first.

He has a strong interest in helping to right our terrible trade deficit and massive debt. His opponent wouldn't even talk about money problems. He has had to start without part of our much needed team because the Democrats are slowing down the confirmation process.

It was disheartening to see judgment being passed so quickly by comments like Nixonism, and this administration having no love and respect. The printing of the name of the Oklahoma City bomber only helps to immortalize that pond scum. I failed to see any correlation between that issue and the present one anyway. The bomber was swiftly caught and justly dealt with, and America got its first wake-up call.

We have had enough wake-up calls since to know that our nation is now not the safe haven that men and women have fought and died for to protect. We can maybe spend less time and ink passing hurtful, judgmental, remarks and labels, and instead spend more time praying for the wisdom to encourage congress and our very divided America to get behind our President and leaders to work toward our common goal to reflect the beliefs and ideals that our forefathers drafted into our constitution.

There may have been a great strategy involved which now has been short circuited by a federal judge. Trump and Mike Pence were raised as Christians and I have faith that God will help guide them both.

They need our prayer, not our ridicule.

Charles Nelson,