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Letter to the editor: Explanation needed on Morris Area School project

To the editor:

When I read the brochure and saw pictures of the Morris Area High School which the school put out to explain why it needed money for repairs, I was shocked.

The school is not quite 50 years old, yet the school states "... the building's mechanical electrical and plumbing systems are starting to fail beyond repair." The school also states there is harmful mold and mildew buildup, rust and corrosion damage, cracks, leaks and water damage, drinking fountains out-of-order, sinks no longer functional, science lab stations that no longer work, and the list goes on.

My question is simple: Why did not the administration and school board see these problems as they occurred, and fix them? It sure sounds like nothing or little was done over 50 years, and now we must spend millions to make the school livable again.

I go to a Morris church that is 111 years old, with a school that is nearly as old, and neither is in such disrepair that it will cost millions to repair.

I think we need an explanation.

Ted Storck,