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Hancock Record Editorial

For better or worse sports can bring us together.

One example of for better is the 1997 Minnesota State Class A champions in boys and girls basketball, the Hancock Owls.

Twenty years after the two championships fans and players can talk about it almost as if were yesterday.

Fans traveled to the out of town games to watch the Owls play. They packed the gym to watch both the boys and girls teams play at home. For some, the only question of where to spend a Friday night was: On the road to watch one team or stay at home to watch the other?

The community was excited about the teams. Stories in the Hancock Record published during the season and before and after the historic state championships mentioned the community excitement.

Who can't recall various signs around town wishing the Owls good luck? Or the fun of knowing your neighbors were going to the game and you could all celebrate a victory together?

The community experienced more success in basketball and other sports after 1997. No doubt there is more success ahead in the future.

But two titles for two basketball teams in the same year is something to savor. The community and players should have a good time this Saturday as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the state championships.