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Sun Tribune Editorial: Respect the marches, marchers

Two major marches in Washington, D.C. will already have been completed by the time this edition of the Sun Tribune goes to press.

The first was the Women's March in D.C. on Jan. 21. The second was the Right to Life March Jan. 27.

Two important marches that demonstrate one of the cornerstones of democracy: the right to assemble and protest peacefully.

No doubt the marches will be marked by some scuffles. We use the word scuffles because when thousands of people gather and march, tensions and tempers can run high on either side of the opinions. Dozens or even a few hundred people who are not peaceful isn't acceptable but it is tolerable and does not mar the entire event.

The two marches may seem in direct conflict with each other. Some participants from each march won't agree about access to birth control or abortion. Yet, some participants from each march may agree on civil rights issues.

But this editorial isn't about hashing out where march participants agree or disagree. This is about how wonderful it is that we have the ability to assemble and march. That we can protest.

While we may spend time in our homes, at the cafe or out for a walk grousing about why 'those women need to march and wear those silly hats' or 'why those people want to ban abortion but won't accept refugees,' we also need to spend time honoring and respecting that people chose to participate in the American democracy.